Saturday, January 30, 2010

it's all a matter of perspective

we got the snow they were predicting we'd get--about 6-8 inches and it's just started snowing again. the two birthday parties scheduled for today were postponed. we have not left the house. for me this has been a perfect day. it was leisurely. it has been cozy. the girl and i made breakfast--french toast and bacon and fruit. we lolled around, the four of us. around noonish i took a shower and rather than getting dressed i put my fluffy, comfy pajamas on. i read, and later finished, my life in france, by julia child (more on this later). the hubs baked sourdough banana nut bread and blond brownies while the boy beat the girl and i at a couple games of clue.

the kids ventured out earlier in the day but the snow was too fluffy to sled. they've been in and out a few times, and are out again now, trying to sled again.

i love days like this. if push came to shove and we NEEDED to get out and about we could, but we didn't have a need and we just stayed here. the smell of bacon from breakfast turned into the smell of baking goodies and has now turned into the aroma of onions/cheese/potatoes for scalloped potatoes for dinner. looking out the windows at a white blanket of snow, the occasional bird landing on a branch and the quite crispness winter brings--it all makes me feel good.

as i mentioned above i finished my life in france. it was a great read. i am not a cook at all, not very good at it, but reading julia child's story in her words was just fascinating. she lingers over things and describes the details and aromas and what wine they had with what food. her love of cooking and the process and the research on everything she did was mesmerizing, even for a non-foodie. it makes me want to cook, to live in france and it makes me wish i knew her (she died in 2004). i think i might even put her on my list of people i'd like to be friends with, along with katherine hepburn and stephen king.

so, while i am basking in the warmth of being in the bosom of my family, realizing that in the moment i am recognizing how wonderful the moment is--the girl turns to me and says...."this is the most boring day ever."

ah---it's all a matter of perspective my love.

and dash? he disappears from time to time. he is just the right size to fit in a cat mouth, which i'm guessing is how he gets transported from place to place. today he ended up on our bed (yes, that is my new sapphire comforter) and his transporter (jasper) was laying nearby.


cheatymoon said...

Glad you had a lovely snow day. We have had a leisurely day as well. Too cold to be out - it didn't get much more than 18 degrees. ACK.

Pseudo said...

This is the kind of day I would like in cold weather. It is hard to get that relaxed in warm wwether climate year round...

Fragrant Liar said...

Yes, that's the kind of day I like, just lazing around and enjoying the family.

I did that myself this weekend.

Surely said...

Oh, that sounds so Cozy!

Wait, new comforter? I haven't ordered mine yet! (I keep putting if off/forgetting, after all of that!) Pictures please!

I was just thinking I need to take Mr Pickles on an adventure soon...maybe someday Dash & he could go on a cruise or something.
(it's Monday, in every sense of the word)

Penny said...

I will have to say that so far I don't miss the snow too much! I don't miss getting my feet all wet on my way to work and having to push a baby buggy over mountains of snow on the corners, BUT I do miss the snuggling inside and watching the snow fall...that part was always my favorite.

drollgirl said...

well glad it was such a good day for you! your daughter's comment cracked me up, tho!!!! hahahaha

Gal Friday said...

Okay..I know how you can make some money!! Write and publish a story(a pic. book? I would illustrate it for you!)about Dash.
Seems the more southerly portions of the US are getting all the snow and bad weather this winter(been pretty mild here compared to where you are)