Friday, January 29, 2010


this really isn't a post about the rocky horror picture show, but when i put the title up there, and frankenfurter's voice popped into my head i couldn't help sharing the picture as well.

the weather forecast for my part of nc is calling for SNOW. not just 1-2 inches, but (depending on which news cast you watch) 3-10"! i am excited. i'm all a flutter inside. giddy like a school kid. i spent the morning running around picking up prescription refills, gassing up the car, last minute grocery shopping (not because of the snow really but because we were out of a few things). you can't get snowed in w/out some peanut butter m&ms folks.

i am anticipating being house-bound for the weekend. there will be some sledding and playing in the snow and watching movies and sleeping in and....just...being. at least i hope so.

i haven't talked much about the job front...well, the lack of a job front. each week i send out 2-3 resumes, mostly applying for jobs i know i'm qualified for, or am at least marginally qualified for, but am not really excited about. i need a job and if i get one of these jobs i'm not excited about that will be fine. however, i have about 3-4 resumes out for jobs i think i might actually like. i am really, really trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard.

before this layoff i felt like i had marketable skills. i have a degree in journalism, a marketing minor. i've plied my skills for nearly 20 years. i think, despite my lack of punctuation here and my run on sentences, etc., that i can be a gifted writer/editor. however, i am quickly learning that those skills are not as revered as they once were. people assume anyone can write so they want you to have those skills as well as possess an in-depth knowledge of something else, like aerospace or consumer products or entertainment or health care.

whatevs--i will find something. and if not my dream job (whatever the hell that might be) then i'll do whatever i have to do.


Surely said...

Ooh, a *SNOW DAY* I am SO jealous. It doesn't look like we're getting any snow days this winter. ~pout~

cheatymoon said...

Wow. Everyone else seems to be getting our snow.

I'm sorry it's so tough right now on the job front. I feel very lucky about my job situation - especially since I am the sole income in my house.

Yikes. Have fun this weekend, ck!!

IB said...

Pull up a comforter and watch Rocky Horror. Good times!

Not Your Aunt B said...

I was just talking the other day about how the job market has shifted because all businesses have had to change the way they do work to stay afloat in this economy and with this technology. CRAZY! I DO hope you find the perfect job soon. The waiting and limbo is awful.

YAY for fun weekends even if it is home-bound. At least you're getting snow. We just have cold yucky weather with no snow! BOO!