Tuesday, January 19, 2010

random things

*the hubs is in hog heaven tonight since a republican took away the senate seat in massachusetts

*today i FINALLY bought a couple of bras. i got a PINK one. i feel so girly. and pink panties. oh my.

*one of the things on my to do list (which is comprised of things to do before i get a job) is to paint our bedroom. i have been contemplating some shade of brown for quite awhile. i envisioned a brown/cream/blue combo for the bedding and brown walls. i have over thought this project way, way too much. while i was out running errands (and buying bras!) today i saw brown/blue bedding in person and the shades weren't right and even though it was really really on sale i passed it up. instead i fell for this deep, almost sapphire blue bedding. two king shams, comforter and dust ruffle for $35! so i spent some of my christmas money on it and voila it is so awesome. of course i can't paint the walls the brown i was thinking of because then the room would just be all dark. i'm now thinking a gray or slate? it certainly can't stay the two-tone green it is now.

*the girl's project on egypt is done except (omg, i think when i wrote a similar note like this on fb i typed accept instead of except! shit. hotch will most likely call me out) for the minor things we have to add once we get the damn thing to school. we can't add the flags and signs because they're too tall to fit in the car. i will have pics when this bitch is dead and gone. i would so love to bitch slap her teacher for this assignment. i'm really not even sure what the girl has learned from this, other than to not wait until the last minute. her friends on fb are commenting about being half done or worse, not even starting.

*did i mention that we watched paranormal activity? i can't remember. it is a "documentary" like blair witch, although w/out the jiggling camera shots, which drove me nuts. for the longest time nothing happens and then when it does it freaked me the hell out. i wouldn't say it was a great movie, but it was worth the price of the $1 at redbox.

*i am nearly done reading stephen (i bow down to his greatness) king's under the dome. i started reading stephen king when i was in middle or high school and while i've always loved his work and the way his mind spins stories, i wax and wane on just how much i love him. in the last few years i've read the cell, very good, and started lisey's story a few times but haven't finished it--but this under the dome is magnificent. it is on par w/ the stand (my favorite of his novels). i am always impressed by how he weaves so many characters into a novel. and not just in passing but there are so many twists and plots and his character development blows me away. i love his brain.


Hotch Potchery said...

Damn, I didn't notice the typo!!!! I am going through the Dome very slowly, savoring it. I am afraid there won't ever be another book I like as much!

cheatymoon said...

Is is scary? The Dome? I stopped reading Stephen King at Tommyknockers... that was a long time ago.

Pink bras, sapphire bedding, oooohh...