Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a little bit of this and that

(whenever i say a little this and that it makes me think of that song....a little bit of monica in my life, a little bit of tina by my side...blah blah blah insert a little bit of a girl's name here).

*we had our septic tank pumped out today. yeah. 1000 lbs of crap. omg. apparently you're supposed to do that every 3-5 years. we've lived here 7 and hadn't done it and apparently the people who lived here before hadn't either. nice. and? one of the previous owners was an idiot and planted a tree over the drainage bed. it is a large, old tree so i'm guessing it was the original owners. dumbasses. at some point we might have to take the tree out. the male members of my household were incredibly disappointed that this pumping was going on while they were not here. after all, doesn't everyone want to see inside of a septic tank? see a giant hose sucking excrement out of your yard? yeah. i had to take pictures for them.

*the girl had her 13 yr old check up today. all is well, though she is 5' not 5'2" as she'd thought. her goal is to surpass my 5'4". i think i might switch her doctor though because the doc got a bit preachy. i felt like saying, hey, you make sure she's physically healthy and her dad and i will take care of the moral issues unkay?

*the last several days have been hectic. the girl's school project parade was friday afternoon--she got an a on the pyramid float; the boy earned his green belt in karate friday night; the girl took the SAT saturday--she said the reading was easy but the math was hard. then there have been dentist/doc appointments etc.

*the girl called the boy a prick yesterday. omg! i don't even call people pricks.

*the hubs and i have started watching our west wing dvds again. i love this. i honestly do not think anyone can understand just how much we love this show. we know the dialogue, we know the details. and the fact that we both enjoy it so much makes me happy. there are some things we watch because the other wants to or we might both enjoy it but not like west wing.

*i finished under the dome (i think i mentioned that). i think stephen king is back to his great writing again (he has lapses from time to time). i didn't love the way it ended, but i loved the book. now i am half way through my life in france, by julia child. i wanted to read it after seeing that movie julia/julie or whatever. this book is really good. her nephew (i think that's who it is) helped her write it, transcribing her letters, notes, etc. it's written in her voice. it's quite interesting and makes me wish i knew her. she was pretty cool.


cheatymoon said...

I'm sorry she called her brother a prick. I laughed a little that even you don't say that. :-)

I guess I will put Under The Dome on deck for the summer...


Surely said...

My mom once called my ex-husband a prick, like your daughter I don't think she understood exactly what she was saying. (:-D

Triple Love West Wing!!!!!

Hooray on the A for the project! I was wondering how it turned out.

We have a septic tank too. ugh.

Kristin.... said...

I think pumping the septic tank is the worst job in the world. Holy hell it smelled.

My mother-in-law calls people a "horse's necktie". Cracks me up.

Glad the girl got an A. I'm dreading projects with M; she doesn't like to put effort into anything (a post for another day)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Ah. West wing. A good show.

Astarte said...

I think Julia Child was fascinating. Ever since I heard that she was a spy, she's been one of my favorite famous people!

I still can't believe your baby took the SATs. Holy crap. She's a genius!

Patrick grabbed his crotch the other day after the dog wagged his Tail O' Death too close to him and said, 'Oooh, my nuts!!!' My seven year-old does NOT have NUTS! Aggghhh!