Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i bow down to the egyptians

it is project fucking central around this house as of late. the boy has a project about nyc. they have to visit this school sanctioned web site about nyc and then fill out some work sheets and make a brochure. easy squeasy. i love making brochures. ahem. i mean, i like helping him w/ that. he has done all the work, i just got to lay it out and make it pretty basically. ya know, play w/ the fonts (oh wait, he picked that too, some funky crazy font). i basically got to format it so we could print out a tri-fold brochure.

the only real challenge w/ his project has been keeping him on task. it is nearly done. whew.

HOWEVER--the girl has to make a float. did you hear that? a FLOAT for social studies. they're having an african parade. they each got a country and have to do a themed float based on the country. thank god she got egypt right? cos....hello theme, pyramids, easy as pie. ha ha ha haha hahahahaha. yeah, that's what i thought too. we have a huge card board box and we figured out how to make it a float and we got all the logistics down. but for the life of us we cannot craft a four-sided cardboard pyramid bigger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches or whatever. even the hubs, who is a math wizard, cannot do it. so, we have one 3d pyramid and the larger ones are going to be one dimensional. the girl has wrapped on of the boy's wrestling dolls...i mean ACTION FIGURES...up as a mummy. she is making a sarcophagus too. oy vey i can't wait for this to be done. and seriously? i am hating the girl's teacher. w/ all the requirements this is asking A LOT of 7th graders.

i have so much else to say---pictures to upload (i've tried a couple of times this week and blogger does not like my pics apparently)---movie and literature things, oh, and i made a homemade raspberry/blueberry cobbler yesterday and it's not too bad. and....the girl....she will be THIRTEEN this sunday. i can't think about it too much. i start to cry. really.

there are other things---my dear friend sweet t, the one who just got married in november, lost her FIL and MIL this weekend. they had called hospice in for her fil and she and her hubby went down for that, but then her mil died two days later. so incredibly sad. i can't imagine losing both so close together.

i think my neighbors (the ones whose house burnt) are going to renovate their house. although is it called renovating if you're rebuilding after a fire? there seem to be signs of it based on the trucks that have been around this week.

more to come.


Surely said...

Swistle's husband is mad good with Math, email her?
and I agree: really, WTH with the homework?

13!?!?! Shall I start sending you monthly doses of Prozaz now or wait for smoke signals?

(blogger tip: make pics smaller, perhaps?)

You & Bea make me wish I baked. Instead I read about it & pretend. hahahahaha.

cheatymoon said...

Those school projects seem a little daunting. All hell would have broken loose and then some if we had them here. You are a better mom than I to help at all.

I can't help you with the girl turning 13. Except to say fasten your seatbelt, etc.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh, Lord, if THAT's what having school aged children is, then I am DOOMED. That is crazy to have to make a float! What is that about? She's trying a little too hard to be creative and now it is ridiculous!

YAY for cobbler! YUM YUM YUM (I will virtually eat through you).

And that is so sad for your friends. What a heavy loss. Prayers for them.

Hotch Potchery said...

I could ask Mr. P how to build a pyramid...they don't build those much anymore, but we could see if that education is paying off!

Penny said...

A float? I don't even understand, does it actually have to float on water, or do you mean like a parade float? Either one sounds hard to me(that's what she said). I am an overachiever by nature, I'm afraid I will have a panic attack once the "projects" start.

Oh I hope your friend and her husband are doing OK, both at one time would be so hard (OK i'll let that one go).

Gal Friday said...
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Gal Friday said...

A FLOAT?? PYRAMIDS? I feel your pain, really. I got off easy, I don't know how, in the school project department. Either my daughter didn't get too many projects or else she was all into doing it entirely herself.

drollgirl said...

hahah! the egyptians were pretty schmart, no? all that stuff is beyond me, but i bet you and yours will earn a much better grade on this assignment than i could ever hope to!

cobbler sounds yummy. much yummier than my diet food. grumble grumble.

and so sorry for your friend's loss. that is just awful. so sad.

and i hope you get to know those neighbors. it might be good? then again, i don't exactly chum it up with all of my neighbors. :[