Thursday, March 5, 2009


i read some one's blog on my blogroll and she talks about the coincidences in her life (i'm sorry, my brain isn't altogether there so i think i know who it is but not positive--only a movie??) and i find those posts quite interesting.

i hadn't thought much about it until yesterday. first with the girl asking me about germany and the guten tag tag.

this morning as i'm driving in to work the morning show i listen to was talking about transporting caskets/urns across state lines. the day before i had asked my aunt if my grandma was still going be buried in west virginia, beside my grandpa. she said yes, that maw-maw wants to be cremated and then buried beside him. so that's been playing in my mind--how does that work? she'd be cremated here in nc and then what? box her up and drive her to wv? fedex? would we have a funeral caravan heading up there? or would her body be transported and cremated there? and, did she decide to be cremated because she does live here now and knew it would probably be easier to transport an urn rather than a coffin? and then, on top of that my friend broad emails me this morning about her step daughter taking her mother's ashes to florida this weekend to be scattered. coincidence? i mean it's not every day that you think or talk about cremation and burial.

when does one start thinking about such plans? a couple of years ago i blogged about my funeral and i think that's still pretty much how i feel. still undecided about cremation vs. burial and the final location, but otherwise it's good.


Not Your Aunt B said...

cremation. can't stand the idea of worms eating my flesh and being confined in a small space. i'd rather go up in smoke in a flash. how morbid, i know.

drollgirl said...

i think i like (?!?!??!) the idea of cremation, as it is tidier and smaller than a big dead body and worms and oozing fluids, but i know throngs of people will want to visit my massive tombstone -- or better yet my mausoleum -- after i bite the bullet. KIDDING. but i know people really like to visit grave sites and leave flowers. and my family thinks you have to have a body to rise from the dead after the end of the world so you can fly up to heaven, but that is just bonkers. it is all a mess.


cheatymoon said...

I'm your coincidence girl.

I didn't know you lived in NC! Cool!

Also, I think cremation is just fine with me, not wanting to take up resources etc. I guess it will matter most to who is left behind though.

Hotch Potchery said...

I have always told my kids and Mr. P that I want to be stuffed so that I can continue, in body, to be in all family/event photos. We have gotten laughing really hard when I try out different poses.

I am pretty freaked out by fire, but have also told my kids that if I get cremated that I want my ashes divided up among everyone, so I can be with everyone and know ALL!

broad minded said...

i want to be cremated, as does the spouse. my reasons are why should my fat ass continue to take up that much space? but seriously, i want which ever of us goes first to have some ashes saved to mix with the other's and spread together by the spawn and step spawn once we are both gone. ahhh.. . sweet i know.

glad to be a part of your weird thoughts on death too, btw.

Astarte said...

DH and I have both decided to donate our bodies to science, and then be cremated. I don't know where we'll be put, really, since I don't want DH sitting in an urn on my mantle (I would be obsessed with the fear that he might spill out or something, UGH!) and I'm sure he may feel the same, but since we'll both be past the point of caring, wherever the kids put us is OK with me. :)

Anonymous said...

There is a really interesting video on YouTube about the Industry of Death - who's making money off of it. Here's the link if you're interested - it's in cartoon form so it's easy to digest! :)

In the state we live in you can be buried without being embalmed. They don't TELL you that, but it is perfectly legal - the funeral directors can even help you with arranging it. I think the embalming is the creepy part. I've asked to just be put into the earth in a cardboard box. I like the idea of my body decomposing and becoming part of the grass and flowers and stuff. I don't want to be pumped full of chemicals so that I can turn into a slimy ooze in a cement tomb. Gross!