Sunday, March 1, 2009

doing well, rhett butler and nerf darts

my gma is doing much better. she's still incredibly sick/weak, but i think she'll come home from the hospital, but not right now. she's a tiny woman, 73 lbs, and right now eating a lot means about 3 tsps of something. my aunt is taking excellent care of her, as she's done for the last several years. i think my aunt is (rightly so) pissed at my parents because they've been so neglectful of my gma and now come in and act like they've been there all along. it's family drama. my sister has been at the hospital too (since, ya know, she doesn't have a job) and my aunt said to her that she resents having to pay taxes to pay for her baby on the way. i almost laughed out loud at that one. my gma still says she's a senator, so, you know, we'll see. my aunt also threw my dad under the bus (and again i almost laughed out loud) because she told my gma he was a republican and he's been lying to her all these years. ha. there is no bluer dem than my gma.

one of the books i got for valentine's day is rhett butler's people. i'm about 1/3 of the way through and it's interesting. it's rhett butler's side of gone w/ the wind, one of my fave books. did you know they wanted katherine hepburn (one of my faves) to try out for the part of scarlett? yeah, though i think kate rocks, i don't think she'd have done as well with that part as olivia did. anyway, i'll let you know my final review of the book, but so far i really like it.

last night we hung out at my bro/sil's. we hadn't seen them since the beginning of feb when puddin' got baptised. it was good to visit w/ them and just hang out. puddin' is crawling up a storm (she'll be 1 in april) and is standing up. she says kitty kat and loves to point. i heart her : ) most times when we all get together there is a bit of rowdiness. last night it started w/ gameboy's nerf guns. the boy and gameboy were playing video games and my bro laid in the floor near them. the girl got out the nerf gun and started shooting my bro in the butt and head. it took off from there. she knows that whatever she does to him he will give back 10 fold, alas, she didn't care. so then a nerf battle began. the boys gave up the video games and started in on it as well. i was sitting there, minding my own business and dammit if my bro didn't shoot me right in the forehead w/ a stupid nerf dart. asshat.

today we went to church and have since been slugs. it is cold and rainy outside and we're awaiting the 4-6 inches of snow they're predicting for us. i really have a lot of work to do in the office, but i wouldn't be totally disappointed if we got snow dumped on us and school gets cancelled and i have to stay home w/ the kids tomorrow.


cheatymoon said...

I'm hoping for that snow day too. Glad to read she is doing well. Keep warm and drive carefully in the snow!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Glad your grandma is going better! She cracks me up.

Hotch Potchery said...

I am glad to hear about your grandmother. One day I will have to tell you the drama of my aunts and our grandparents...yikes.

Our snow is now gone and we ended the day with bright looks like I will be working tomorrow!

Kristin.... said...

Glad your grandma is doing better. Keep us posted.

We're due another 8-14 inches of snow. We just had 2 feet last week. And two days without power. I'm ready for spring dammit.

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Glad to hear she's doing well.

We just got another 8 inches of snow. Sickening. I'm ready for spring. I really am.

I was just told that today is March. Yes it is buddy. Yes it is.

broad minded said...

good gma news! and i love that your aunt ratted out your dad. teehee.