Tuesday, March 10, 2009

conversation threads

yesterday, my bro on facebook, after i whined like a little girl that he hadn't friended me, sends me a friend request that says: be my friend beeotch!
last night at dinner the boy said: you know, i'll probably marry a new yorkian because i'm going to juilliard. (*we did inform him it's new yorker and that lots of other people beside new yorkers go to juilliard. and, he's 9 and no, he hasn't applied or been accepted to juilliard...yet.)

this morning as we're getting ready for work, trying to find motivation to get up and go the hubs said: i'm glad you don't have little titties (his word ladies, NOT mine); that's more toys for me to play with. and--when you aren't hacking up a lung or on your period could you wear that shirt to bed?

right now i'm saying to myself: get the fuck off of blogger and do some work dammit! it's not like you don't have two expense reports to file; six stories to write and metrics to check and phone calls to make. get to work beeotch!

sheesh--she's such a hard ass.


IB said...

Love your husbands comment. Classic.

Hotch Potchery said...

I need to stay off blogger during work too! If I did, I probably could get twice as much work done. But then I would be blogolonely.

Anonymous said...

I complain all the time about how much work I have to do, but probably could get it done in half the time if I would quit reading blogs! Tracy