Wednesday, March 4, 2009

guten tag

gal friday tagged me to write seven things about myself.

lord, is there anything i haven't told you people???

1. tonight's episode of lost is confusing the holy hell out of me, more so than usual and that's saying a lot.

2. guten tag--this made me smile because the hubs and i (both army brats) met in high school in germany and tonight of all nights the girl is looking for german things to take into school because they're studying europe. she has a doll of mine dressed in a dirndle and some other things and is now looking through photo albums looking for pictures of germany. omg the memories.

3. my favorite flower is the peony. the hubs recently ordered me some rare chinese peony trees, apparently it's the first time they've let these trees be exported. soon i'll have three to plant in the yard.

4. since my last post my grandma has gone downhill. she'll be going home to my aunt's in a couple of days, with hospice care. she has a living will and does not want any medical intervention. the doctor says she may have 5-6 months. initially i was really upset, but, this is what she wants. she's ready to be w/ my grandpa (he died 25 yrs ago) and she's tired and doesn't want to hang around anymore. so, she's doing things on her terms.

5. in the last year i have fallen in love with avocados and ginger dressing, though not together.

6. i am having serious facebook issues. i don't know how to upload stuff. i don't know who to let be my friend. it is hard to let some people and not others who know the people you've let be your friend. i'm seriously thinking of deleting it. i prefer being anonymous.

7. the other night i watched the philadelphia story w/ cary grant, katherine hepburn and jimmy stewart. i think that is perhaps one of my favorite katherine hepburn movies.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Love Philadelphia Story and avocados.

Sorry to hear about your grandma. It is hard. At least she is doing it on her terms. So many don't even get that choice. And having hospice is wonderful.

I'm having issues with FB too. Considering my status updates regularly say I am drinking and there is a possibility some friends who are Southern Baptist may see that and freak out. Oh well.

cheatymoon said...

I'm sorry about your grandma, but hospice is a great choice. It is good that she has it in her to choose.

Not so much for avocado here.

Germany? So cool!

I gave up on Lost for right now. I will try to catch up online in a marathon session w/ the other half. It is not so much fun to watch on my own.

Gal Friday said...

How sad about your grandma--at least she is out of the hospital and has family around her.

I was just thinking of how much I LOVE avacado yesterday(had left over chicken and taco stuff including lots of avacado in a tortilla wrap for lunch) and how it is a food I only, too, started eating in the last few years.

I have heard you can't actually ever delete your account at Facebook...!

drollgirl said...

i love peonies too. if i was a flower i'd have to be a peony! dork, i know.

and i am sorry to hear about your grandma. but i like that she is calling the shots. it is super hard to make the decision for others and it can have disastrous results (such as in my family -- oy, long story).

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to google peonies because i'm not sure I know what htey look like, but I am looking forward to you sharing your pictures of yours!

I'm sorry about your Grandma, I hope she has some peace and everyone gets to say good bye.