Thursday, March 5, 2009

good vs. evil

long, hot showers
electric blankets (but not when having sex)
kitties on your lap (but not when having sex)
yes, sex is good

omfg facebook is evil, so very very evil. there are so many screens and places to comment and i can't figure it out and i feel like an old lady and i prefer my simple sweet anonymous blog and wtf are these stupid idiots i work w/ but never speak to trying to be my fucking friends on facebook? for real? give me a damn break you morons. is it really all about how many friends you have? i think i want to shoot someone.

my sister. she is getting on my last nerve. since she doesn't have a job and isn't planning on even pretending to look for one until after her kid is born (which is not until after september) she is making face time sitting at the hospital. i know i'm being a bitch, but i also know if she had anything better to do (like a fucking job) she would not be at the hospital. and her whole plan still is to get on any and all public dole and ride it out. lazy stupid bitch. i do not have a problem w/ getting unemployment but i have a problem w/ your entire plan for the future is to milk unemployment and then get state aid and medicaid while every other responsible adult is trying their best to hold their shit together.


Hotch Potchery said...

I have reconnected with a few people that has made Facebook totally worth it to me. You will figure it out...if you don't want to be friends, I learned a lesson from my college kid...don't friend, but don't ignore either or they will know you didn't friend them...just leave it out there.

broad minded said...

you may be right about facebook being evil. i was on this morning looking at pics of me, a friend from college posted (if you need a good laugh, i highly recommend checking them out) and the ex-beau im'ed me. i immediately logged off. ugh.

Astarte said...

The only think I don't like about FB is that there are so many damn applications, and I feel bad that I have a huge backlog of doodads that people have sent me, and I have really no desire to send things back. I mean, it's fun once in awhile, but when it gets to the point of having 75 things I have to look at, I start to avoid the thing altogether!

Your sister would drive me effing bananas, too. I can see not looking for a job when you're pregnant, but having no intention of having a real way of supporting your family whatsoever is really rude.

drollgirl said...

i like your good list!!!

i hate facebook so much!!! i hope it crashes and burns SOON as i am sick of hearing about it and twitter and flickr. but facebook is the worst!!!

and i want to shake your sister like a rag doll. send her over!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Your good list cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

I hate all the applications on facebook, all the stupid crap people try to send bugs me so I just ignore all of them, except "flair" because Office Space is one of my favorite movies.

I'm a fan of sex, and kitties, but not electric blankets. I just thought you should know that.


Anonymous said...

I like everything on your good list! I have become very fond of the electric blanket.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--good advice. i've got a few people just sitting there, waiting on me to friend them and they'll just sit there. i don't want to be rude and ignore them, but i don't want them as friends either.

broad--hmmm, ex-beaus iming isn't a good thing. i'm not sure how long i'll actually keep the page.

astarte---i'm right there w/ you on the applications. i have invites to be kidnapped and in the mafia, etc. but i just don't know that i want to get that involved in it. my sister does drive me crazy. i didn't expect her to look for her next career while she's pregnant, but she could do something and she could have a plan other than milking the taxpayers.

drollgirl--: )

bea--your mr. pickles cracks me up! really, best posts ever!

tracy--you make me laugh : ) any fans of sex and kitties are certainly people i want to be friends w/.

sweet t---i thought you were going to say you've become very fond : ) he he he.

Gal Friday said...

Hmmmm...I have a sister who drives me crazy, too.
As for Facebook, I am on it(recently joined) and visit maybe once a week. For the most part, I refuse to play the games and accept those growing things--mainly because it slows down my computer terribly and it is just..too much. I HAVE reconnected with some childhod friends(a meeting planned in April with two of them)and that's nice, but I have the same feeling as you do about FaceBook versus my good ole' Blogger blog.
BTW, your "good" list is right on, except for the electric blanket(I have always been afraid of those)