Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the signs are all there

i am deadly tired. like, falling asleep on the couch by 9p.m. tired (which, btw, influences the tmi chart over there). when i get this tired it is like narcolepsy.

i want to eat all the time. and i want something sweet to eat. a giant cinnamon roll and a pan full of double chocolate brownies would be good for starters.

i do not want to be wallered (shut up, it is so a word). the girl was snuggling w/ me on the couch last night, which i love, love love, but she kept wallering around and touching me and i just wanted to make it stop. sit by me and lean on me, put your arm around me, hug me, but stop the damn moving around/fidgeting/wallering for god's sake!

i am highly irritated at fuck ups at work today. why is it that people i have no fucking control over do not understand the fucking concept of what a fucking deadline is?? and if you tell me the best way to reach you is via email and then you do not respond i want to kill you.

if that guy in the corner doesn't get off of his phone (it's been glued to his ear and he's been talking since 8fucking30 this morning) i am going to grab the receiver and jam it up his stupid ass. i really do not like this guy. he is a douche canoe and a twat waffle all in one. and the guy sitting catty corner to me? blowing his fucking nose wayyyyyy too loudly.

i also want to kill whoever invented twitter. we twitter for work. it is bullshit. i would tell you my work twitter address but then you might follow me and i'd have to kill you.

tomorrow i am quite sure i will have nothing in my closet that i want to wear. why? because the clothes would be touching my body.

i fucking hate pms.


Just B said...

Hate it when the little darlins waller on me!

Good luck on getting past the pms--I highly recommend Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie and a bottle of red wine (there is some science to the benefits of dark chocolate and red wine, right?)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Love you!

Sweet T

Kristin.... said...

I would recommend looking at your post from yesterday. It WAS funny. :)

Ummmmm. Sex? :)

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i know this doesn't help, but i am right there with you. and i am not even sure if mine can be attributed to pms!!!

hope you feel better soon. i am convinced that chocolate and sleeping help.

creative kerfuffle said...

just b--i could totally do the b&j (ha ha i said bj) but i'm not a big wine drinker. i think it's because i don't really know what wine i like.

sweet t--et tu? are we getting ready to cycle together? lord.

kristin--ah....perhaps i might try that ; )

droll--i will be fine. i keep saying i wish i'd just go through menopause (tho 40 is a bit young for that) but my friends who are going thru it or have done so don't recommend it.

tonie--i'd NEVER shove a phone up your ass...i promise : )

Anonymous said...

When I have PMS I get this like insatiable hunger, like I could never ever eat enough. I also get really crabby and emotionaly and EVERY SINGLE MONTH I wonder why I am so would think I would catch on...


broad minded said...

don't judge those of us who blow our nose loudly . . .


and i like the new layout btw.

are you going to be civil for our lunch?

Anonymous said...

The last thing you wrote about your husband was so sweet! (Except don't really crawl inside him because that would be all "Silence of the Lambs" creepy.)