Tuesday, March 31, 2009

band of merry commenters

i'm being lazy and commenting on my comments in a post. it's sort of like blog masturbation huh?

hotch--srsly you made me laugh out loud and heart you for saying you weren't going to say anything nice and instead ask what we got at ikea. we bought the kids desks and chairs at ikea--like $34 desks and $36 swivel chairs (one in hot pink and one in red). i will post pics of these but not today because omg their rooms literally look like the weapons of mass destruction were hidden in there and the fbi and cia had a field day trashing the rooms to find them. and, i must have a lame stat widget because i don't think it tells me what search phrases bring people to my blog. that i would be curious about. what do you use for your stats???

only a movie--i love your description of band of merry commenters. that's a great phrase and so true. and my fondness for ikea is actually so very out of character for me. i normally hate shopping and i especially hate crowded shopping, which ikea totally is. i think one reason the store appeals to me is because in my line of work (which has been writing about retailers for the last 10+ years) i am in awe of their business model and how different it is from any other mass store. i like a lot of the product design, even though it pisses me off that it's a swedish company and so much of the stuff is not even made in sweden. i also like the prices but realize that a $34 desk is not going to be an heirloom.

ib--i get what you're saying about writing and wanting to connect to people. you are a better writer than i am. i can see where your posts would draw in a lot of people, even if they don't all comment. i've been surprised at just how many great blog writers there are out there, and while i enjoy reading them i don't always connect to all of them on a personal level, even though i can appreciate and envy their skill. i think if my blog were different, if it weren't more of an online journal, i would be more concerned about followers.

astarte--you are so right--it is like having online friends instead of posters. i guess that's the whole point of what i was trying to say. when i first started writing my blog i was concerned w/ the numbers but now i feel a need, even if i'm not posting myself, to read my blog friends and see what's going on with them. and dude---you TOTALLY deserve to bitch about your mother. you had a stressful weekend.

sweet t--i love you too and am very happy for you : ) i've been meaning to email your republican to congratulate him too : )

kristin--OMG! i'm soooo glad you finally sold the house! i know that's been a huge albatross around your neck. that's awesomesauce. and yes, i did smile thank you : ) so, are you saying you don't like the chocolate and blue or you're just opposed to change? i'm sure in a few months i'll see someone elses blog that looks cool and i'll have to change mine again.

question---do any of you play practical jokes on people (specifically your kids) on april fool's day? i need some killer pranks to play on mine. ooooo--that's IT! whoever shares the practical joke that i end up using will get a gifty. this won't count as part of the other thing because that wouldn't be fair. this is just an extra contest.


Anonymous said...

Oh dammit now I'm sad I missed out on the commenty fun. I am having commenting writers block.

I LOVE Ikea, I could spend a whole day there looking at all the dumb bullshit I don't need.

I hope things start looking up for your family soon, I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

I love blogs and one of the reasons I was so sad about losing my old blog is I would lose a lot of my readers...I had quite a few people that read but didn't comment. Now that I really only have a hand full of readers and commenters I really feel like we are all friends who could hang out and have a beer together.

Astarte said...

Hee! This was fun!

One year I did the whole fake-dinner thing, where the dessert was really mashed potatoes with gravy, etc. The kids thought that was pretty funny. How sad is it that I had completely spaced that tomorrow is AFD?! I need to get on these things!

Hotch Potchery said...

Do you ever pack their lunch? I used to put crazy ass shit in there on April 1. Plastic bugs, baby food, packets of ketchup...I would also put underwear, or other weird stuff from around the house in their backpacks.

I am trying to decide what bizarre announcement I am going to make in class tomorrow.

I have never been to IKEA. sad.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I missed out on the comment love! I was watching these dang children. Dang it!

Must post photos of the chairs- I am curious- we are looking for a new desk chair.

As my gremlins are too little to get April Fools', I would just do something crazy like pretend to throw up in front of them and get them with silly string or fake vomit. Or pack in their lunch bags a little tupperwear thingie with apple juice placed in a ziploc baggie then text them at school to see if they have the pet's urine specimen as you are about to go to the vet and need it. Can you text at school? We didn't have text when I went to school.

cheatymoon said...

Fun post. I am fascinated by IKEA, but it is a little overstimulating for me. Although I have a couple of decent (super cheap) things from there... like my living room rug.

I have nothing as far as April Fool's goes. My joke so far is that I woke up at 3:30 and can't get back to sleep. That will be fun for everyone who crosses my path. Also, my classroom (and kid)(ahem) is crazy enough - we don't need to add extra shenanigans.

But I hope you have some fun today!
Thus concludes my post in your comment area...

Kristin.... said...

I've never been to Ikea. I think I would have trouble leaving though. I've heard good things about it.

No, I like your blog colors. Alas, I am old and forgetful and it freaks me out when it changes to blue and chocolate (what's not to like about chocolate???) and I'm all like "what did she do to her blog?" and then my insanity lifts for a minute and I remember. It's awful being old. But I'm sure you know NOTHING about that, now do you? :)

I'm too lazy to do AFD. Seriously, I don't have the energy to deal with one more thing. Ahem.

Kristin.... said...

Oh, and thanks for the good advice on my post about HM. :)

Anonymous said...

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