Tuesday, January 6, 2009

three for tuesday randomness

it's a blog turkey. wow. cool.

****i need to make a correction because the hubs pointed it out to me. ahem, i turned 40 this year, not 41. i was thrown off because he gave me a kick ass surprise party for my 39th bday, though this year's bday also came w/ fun surprises.

****when i brown hamburger for tacos, spaghetti, chili, whatev, i love eating some of the hamburger just plain. with salt. i have always done this. then i wash the hell out of it cos all that grease makes me want to hurl. yes. i wash it. i put it in a strainer in the sink and spray it.

****nobody in my family can load or unload the dishwasher to my satisfaction. i am by no means whatsoever a neat freak or ocd about cleaning, but little quirks like that freak me out.

****it's time for a new poll. according to the last one on frequency three people get their groove on weekly, 4 go for 2+ times a week, two are monthly and three are quarterly. when i asked the hubs if he'd voted he said yes. i said what did you put. he said quarterly. i said wtf? yeah, poor baby had gone like three or four days w/out. waa.

****are we the only people who put black olives on tacos? i never see them on anything in a mexican restaurant and yet we've always done this. we love black olives. the kids love tacos but really i just use the taco kits from the box. does anyone know how to make really yummy authentic tacos?

****i also put green olives on nachos. just cheese and green olives. is that weird?

****the girl got black tips in her hair last week. she'd been...dying to get it done for awhile (i'm sorry, i know that was lame). the best part? the stylist told her not once but two or three times how cool her mom was for letting her do that. i have just found a new hair place. whoot.

****so, if you bury pets in the back yard and move years later do you dig up the remains and plant them in your new back yard?

****from day one i made it clear to the hubs that a gift that plugged in (and belonged in the kitchen) would never be an acceptable present for me.ever. thank god he didn't have a problem w/ that.


Hotch Potchery said...

I thought you had said you were 40, but correcting someone over the age of 5 on their own age seemed rude.

We wash our meat, but before putting in the mouth. (You poll has me fixated.)

I HATE loading the dishwasher.

Mr. P loves the black olives on tacos. I like them whole, as a snack, but not on things.

The green olive nacho thing is bizarre.

I don't really know what that means, I know nothing about hair styles.

We stuff our pets, then just pack them into boxes when we move.

I have always said that too, but now I want a KitchenMaid mixer. They are a bit pricey.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Olives on tacos or nachos is more Tex-Mex than authentic Mex, but still yummy either way.

I'm not sure what black tips are either- post a photo of her hair sans face (I know you don't like posting photos of your kiddos).

We just cremate them and take them with us. HP, do you really stuff them?

I like gifts that can be plugged in. Dying for a scoomba as I hate to mop. And have a baby that licks the tile floor.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--yeah, 40. the hubs did not gently remind me, he teased the hell out of me for my lack of memory. it's genetic. on the meat, i wash it after i brown it and before i make anything out of it. reading what i previously wrote sounded a bit confusing. and the other meat? yeah, that should be clean too. i like black olives any which way, and, oddly, so do my kids. green olives, no one likes but me. when i was pregnant w/ the girl i ate them by the cup full. black tips--the ends of her blondish hair are dyed black. i'll take a pic and post. you for real stuff the pets? hmmm. i think that would creep me out. and the hubs is all about that kitchen aid mixer, he salivates over it.

bea--cool on the tex-mex thing cos i thought maybe we were just weird. the hubs also wants a roomba (i didn't know there was a scoomba!) now THAT i could get into cos i hate mopping and don't have a baby to clean the floor for me : ) but, that being said, i still don't want appliances as gifts for bday/christmas.

Hotch Potchery said...

The stuffing pets thing was a total joke. Maybe my unfollower read that and thought I was serious.

Scoomba? I am going to have to check that out.

Astarte said...

It has never occurred to me to wash meat! Is this some important health thing that I've totally missed out on? Doesn't it get cold and watery tasting if you do that to it? Hmmm.

I have had the same thoughts about pets. We have left guinea pigs, etc, but usually have animals larger than that cremated. At our last house, when our dog Cyrus had to be put down, I buried a box with his collar, favorite toy and a few other things in it, although I have his tag on my keychain, and we didn't take that with us. I did take the headstone thing I got to put on top of the spot, though.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--part of me knew that was a joke but i just had to make sure : )

astarte--i don't wash ALL meat, i just rinse the grease off of the browned hamburger meat before i use it in a recipe. my mom never drained her hamburger and everything was always greasy. i love that you have his tag on your keychain. i think we'd have to dig up the cat and dog and replant them if we ever moved. morbid and gross i know. that being said, we will not bury any more dogs in the yard. the dogs we have are big. the one we buried was a beagle.