Thursday, January 8, 2009

car jinx; deer murderers and falling asleep

i think i was jinxed when i read justsomethoughts' post about car woes.

day before yesterday the hubs is driving down the road (it's pouring rain) and has a blow out. while he's on the side of the road changing the tire (in the rain) the state road patrol, those ever helpful (NOT) souls, stopped him. what would have taken the hubs about 15 minutes ended up taking about 30 (in the rain, did i mention dude does not like to get his feet wet?) because tweedle dee and tweedle dum are trying to "help."

despite the attempted help he gets the tire changed and takes it to the tire place but alas, the hole is too big to patch/plug or otherwise save. this means we need two new tires (cos there's some rule that you can't just buy one tire or something. i don't know. it's car stuff. i just don't know.)

yesterday i also noticed inspection sticker ran out. in november. nice. and of course i'm elebenty billion miles over due for an oil change. so the hubs, knowing that i do not like to deal w/ car stuff and me, knowing that this is one of the things he does to take care of me : ) took my car for it's necessary stuff.

it failed the inspection. something about an exhaust leak. the hubs took it to a dealership. they would like us to hand over about $400 to replace the whole thing. no thanks. he went to a local exhaust, good-ole-boy shop. and walked out only $80 poorer w/ just the screwed up part replaced not the entire damn thing.

last night on the news there was this story about a local woman (well, she lives in a nearby county) who rescued a baby deer in her driveway a few months ago. it looked like the woman and her family lived in bfe, had land, maybe some horses, some fenced pasture, etc. she took the deer in, nursed it's wounds, fed it, took care of it and it became a pet. that she's had for a few months now. animal control found out about it and came and took her deer. did they set it free? no, too risky because it had been tamed. did they take it to a petting zoo or the local zoo or that place we went last fall that takes in rehabilitation animals that no place else will take? no. they killed it! they took the pet out of the woman's house and killed it. didn't even attempt to do anything else w/ it. fuckers.

and finally this--cute things falling asleep---i totally cannot believe there's not a video of me on here. of course i have the super power of being able to fall asleep....zzzz....oh, sorry, in mid-sentence and it might be too fast to catch on tape.


Hotch Potchery said...

That deer story makes me want to cry.

Not Your Aunt B said...

They killed it?!? WTF! I hope the ASPCA or animal cruelty people got them in trouble.

Sucks about your car. We need 4 tires soon and they're just so expensive.

broad minded said...

that is messed up totally about the deer. makes me glad that i generally ignore our local news. i mean hello - they couldn't have taken it to the nature science center or something??? or just left the woman alone with it? i mean it's a deer not a mountain lion.

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--which is why i tend to not watch the news.

bea--maybe i should find the story online and send it to the aspca. cos even though that was the local animal control, that just shouldn't be legal.

broad--i accidentally watched the news. it's too depressing most of the time so i try to avoid it. animal control claimed that when the deer got older it would be dangerous. yeah, all those menacing deer, attacking people. fucktards.

justsomethoughts... said...

that deer story is so ridiculous, i'm actually amazed. and it does take alot considering who's out there.
they should've left the deer and shot themselves.

Astarte said...

They KILLED the DEER?!?!?! WTF!!! That woman should sue them for wrongful mindfucking. The countypeople should sue them for misappropriation of funds, because that was a huge waste of taxpayer funds. I mean, what was the deer gonna do, go nuts someday and... eat someone's shrubs?! It's not like it was a pet bear! Cripes!