Monday, January 12, 2009

santa forgot one present

motivation. cos god knows i need it.

it is 2:12. i just got back from lunch w/ the hubs. after a self-imposed week of not eating out for lunch.

i should be working. not checking my blog comments or reading your blogs.

i have a lot of stuff coming up. i should be doing something productive.

my first born turns 12 (TWELVE!) on saturday. she's have a sleepover friday night. lord help me. the hubs (chicken) is using some hotel points so he and the boy are having a "guys" night at a local hotel. actually, i think this is sorta cool because omg the boy is stoked about it. i'm talking uber excited. guys' nights have typically been an evening at the house when the girl and i are out or when we went camping when she was in scouts, etc. guys' nights always involve root beer, junk food and staying up all night (or until they fall asleep on the couch). my kids think sleeping on the couch is awesome for whatever reason. (admittedly i do like napping on the couch). my friday night will be filled w/ squealing 12 yr olds. then saturday we'll have the family over for cake/ice cream. i've warned them i may not be awake.

in feb. i have two work trips. i am already dreading them. first, vegas. don't get all excited. cos seriously? after the first year or two of the trade shows i got over the excitement of them. and i usually go to vegas three times a year. at the end of feb. i'll be in san antonio for a conference. one i've had to plan. and i will have to get up in front of people. and speak. and i loathe that more than i loathe most anything really.

also? it's monday. i think mondays should be outlawed.

but, let's end w/ a few happy notes. one--bulb catalogs. omg. they are like crack to me. when one comes in the mail i greedily grab it and start circling everything i want. then the hubs looks at it. last night i tallied up all the things we both wanted? yeah, $140 something worth of bulbs and bushes and stuff. i trimmed that bitch down by almost half and we get a $20 off coupon so squee! i'm going to order some stuff this week. i heart picking out flowers. planting them? not so much ; )

and also? sshhhhh, but we might get SNOW sun/mon! i say this softly cos i don't want mother nature to know how excited i am about the possibility cos she might be a bitch and take it away. plus, the hubs hates winter and snow (hence the reason we could never actually live in vermont and nc is probably the furthest north i could ever get him to live). but, the kids and i both have monday off so we could totally spend the day making snow people and snow angels and drinking hot chocolate and playing in the SNOW! i love snow, in case you didn't guess.


Penny said...

What is a bulb catalog? Am I missing something?

I love snow too! We had about an inch over the weekend and we still got excited and went outside to play.

Hotch Potchery said...

No snow here. But my Monday has been quite Mondalicious. I was going to show a movie in class, and the classroom media stuff was all stupid and you could only hear the background noise. So I had to let the students go, which means we have been in class so far for 1 week, and all we have done is CRAP. Damn.

justsomethoughts... said...

i did a trade show in AC once. its pathetic-looking at 5:30AM. but when i got there, there were people with buckets yanking the slot handles. amazing.

creative kerfuffle said...

tracy--sorry, bulb i have a flower obsession. and snow too--i'm jealous of your inch.

hotch--when i was in college a crap week was good : )

just--i've never been to AC, but i'm sure it's just like vegas. pathetic. i'm not a big gambler; don't like neon; etc. i do like the fountain at the bellagio though.

Unknown said...

I leave the bulbs to my wife. That's too much like work for me.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--i must admit, the hubs does more of the actual WORK in the yard than i do. i ride the lawnmower.

Astarte said...

OMG, I was just online last night picking out this year's seeds!!! I am SO excited!!! I love this stuff!!! I love the picking, the ordering, the planting, everything, right up until mid-July when it's so hot I don't care if *I* live or die, never mind those !@#% plants that need to be watered AGAIN.