Wednesday, January 7, 2009

can someone please 'splain some things to me?

1. twitter--i signed up once and got all confused and immediately got off (shut your dirty minds). is it like IMing on hyper drive? i know a lot of you twitter, tweet, twatever...i see it on your blogs and frankly i'm nosey like that and am obviously missing out on something.

2. rss and feeds and such--i did google reader for a while but then i put up my blog roll that actually shows (most of the time) when you guys have new posts and i like that better than a reader. however, i have comment issues. (again w/ the being nosey) once you've left a comment on some one's blog, is there a way to see if they have commented on your comment w/out physically checking back (ie trying to remember where you commented)?

3. how long do you typically read some one's blog before you add them to your blog roll?

4. and what is that following feature? and, is following different from a blog roll? (blog roll--some hip sushi place should totally make up a menu item called blog roll. i love sushi)

5. i've noticed (yeah, i'm all attention-to-detail like that---NOT) that there seem to be blog cliques much like there were in high school. have you observed that? interesting how people congregate like that.


IB said...

I can't help you with the first 2. I tried that stuff too but got all "meh" about it and gave up trying.

#3. I might add someone to my blog Roll after just one visit, but it's usually more like 3 or 4.

#4 You can follow someone without adding them to your roll. If you find a blog you like, look and see if they have followers. Click on "Follow this Blog" and you will see there latest posts come up when you are on your blog's "dashboard".

#5. It's more like little networks than cliques, in my opinion. I have not run into any groups that seem all "exclusive". My general feeling is that people will read you if they find you interesting. Leaving comments and publicly following helps you get noticed

Unknown said...

1. It is. It's entertaining and I use it a lot when people announce their new posts. It's nice and easy to click and read them.

2. I use google reader and catagorize them. I have a lot of blogs in my reader though.

3. After a few reads and more importantly after I remember to.

4. I don't see much purpose to following, but it's fun. I always follow the blogs I like.

5. I try not to get cliquey but I think we tend to gravitate to those with similar senses of humor and interests.

Unknown said...

P.S. Let me know where you want me to send your interview questions.

Hotch Potchery said...

I have Twitter, but I forget to twitter. It is like a blog in one or two sentences...good for bitching about the weather, the smelly guy in the checkout, etc. without having to commit an entire blog post.

I hope someone answers about the comment thing, because I don't want the "email comment follow ups" because that could be a million emails that I won't read anyway.

I don't really know the follow thing, I just know I have...wait for it. 3 followers, down to 2, back up to 3. I prefer the blogroll for blogs I read myself.

Yeah, I see the bloggy cliques, or networks too.

Are you interview cheating on me??????

Penny said...

1. Ehh Twitter seems like a pain in the ass to me. Although I frequently read other people's tweets. I wonder sometimes how self absorbed we have all become when an entire blog about our life is not enough we need a platform to update people 24/7.

2. I tried the reader for awhile I like clicking on the actual blogs better for some reason.

3. I usually read their blog for awhile, maybe a month or so...

4. Mmm the following feature is different and it makes me too anxious so I don't add it to mine

5. Oh totally blog cliques, and some of the cliques are total bitches.

Astarte said...

I don't get the need for 'following', either, unless maybe that feature allows you to see if someone comments on your comment? Eeh. I just check back if I've asked a question.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I would comment longer, but (puff, puff) just got done running (puff, puff) and can't really type...

creative kerfuffle said...

ib--i'm glad i'm not the only person on the planet that doesn't twitter. whew. since i'm not looking to build up my readership or get noticed i think i'll just stick w/ the blog roll.

heinous--i have a hard enough keeping up w/ the blogs on my roll so i probably won't be a follower. you can email your questions to me at

hotch--i don't think there's a comment reader thingy. i could use it because sometimes i forget which post i've commented on and i really do want to see if bloggers comment on my comments. and yes, i'm interview cheating on you. you interviewed me, i interviewed shere, shere interviewed heinous and he's interviewing the world...i mean all of his readers.

tracy--you're right--how much more do people REALLY need to know about me??? : ) i left the readers for the same reasons, i want to see the actual blogs. following is a lot like stalking huh? ; ) i agree w/ all of you--i think there are some blog circles that are just like-minded people and then there are others who are bitchy mcbitch pants and totally stuck on themselves (unlike ME of course).

astarte--i check back too, but see, i'm getting older and forget where i've said what sometimes and fear i might have missed something.

bea--ah, you've got the hotch and tracy bug eh? : ) or are you busy following people?? : ) he he