Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this is not a real post....

....because i have a real doozy brewing on lessons learned/epic-fail parenting but i can't write it at the moment cos i'm still stewing.

and i've poked around some of your blogs and the epic fail thing/kids pushing your buttons theme seems to be going around. nice week eh?

one of you has dropped me off of your blogroll, i'm not talking about YOU, but you know, the person standing beside you. i wasn't going to say anything but it's sticking in my craw (crawl?--regardless, not a fun place to be this week) and i'm wondering what i said/did/didn't do? don't make me cry.

i wasn't in a posting mood, really, cos aside from the kid shit there is work shit and i've really been thinking about trying to have a different, positive attitude and so far FAIL. but, i saw these two articles and they struck me for weird reasons so i wanted to share.

first, looks like if the gov of kentucky has his way i won't be able to live there. i plan on quitting smoking, but, you know, stress fucks w/ that sometimes.

and this story has two points---a--do not fuck w/ cats, especially feral cats. (tracy is right in that cats don't spell good or use good grammar rulz, see comments on 25 things if you're totally confused) they are powerful. and second--hello, of course if humans mess with the eco system they are going to screw things up royally! sheesh. i'm not even a scientifical person and i know that. so, don't go to macquarie island in the near future.

however, you might visit me on this island if i get the best job in the world.


Hotch Potchery said...

I am sorry you are having a FAIL day. I am sorry you got dropped off a blogroll, I merely got unfollowed by someone who only followed me for ONE DAY and I got my feelings all hurt.

I have a good cat story that I will post tomorrow, maybe you will like it.

Penny said...

Would it be funny if I said that this isn't my real comment?

I was a smoker for 12 years. I still miss it, quitting is so hard!

I'm sorry about getting dropped off a blogroll, that would hurt my feelings too. Sucks how blogging is sorta like highschool...

Not Your Aunt B said...

I hope it wasn't me. I still see you on my blogroll and I hope you still see you on my blogroll.

Sorry for the crappy day. That sucks. I myself have resorted to vodka and cokes. It helps a little.

And they say that quitting smoking is worse than quitting heroin (but not meth). Scientifically proven even.

And can I come visit you on the island if you get that job? And stay. For a long time?

Anonymous said...

You're still on Sherry's blog roll, cuz that's how I get to your site. That sucks.

I'm having a crabby week, but I think I know why. It's not my kids, mother nature hates me. Well that and it's going to be -25 tonight. That's air temp. God help us if the wind picks up.

Tomorrow will be better...or your next post will be, after you get all that off your mind. Good luck!

Sherendipity said...

I fucking HATE this week....but I'm dealing with inheritances and spoiled kids and temper tantrums and you name it.

Also, it's just cause you miss me. You know you miss me.


Anonymous said...

Smoking - it's a bitch to quit. I've not smoked for three years and I still sometimes dream that I'm smoking - then when I wake up I'm all, "thank god that was a dream cuz I do NOT want to quit all over again!"

Anonymous said...

I think I got your pissy mood! I'm in a funk and I don't like it. Trying not to pick fights with D, because he's in a mood too! Ugh.

Sweet, Grumpy T

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--i hearted your cat story : ) and? i have two followers. wow.

tracy--your unreal comment cracked me up. i wanna be sisters w/ you and hotch! how did you quit smoking? i did it easy peasy both times i was preggers but that seems a bit of an extreme way to quit at this point in life. plus the hubs would probably leave me!

bea--i've heard the same think about quitting. not fun. i saw a follow up story on that island job? yeah, thousands of people applying--crashed the sites server it was so overloaded. if i got that job i'd totally have everyone over for the weekend : )

tonie--mother nature's visiting me this week too. that bitch. nc is supposed to drop to 10 degrees tomorrow. i wish it would just snow already!

shere--i TOTALLY miss you. i'm having w/drawals. and feeling for you on such a sucktastic week you're having. i'll take my week over yours any day.

crystal--how did you quit? the thing is? i hate the smell (we don't smoke in the house thank jeebus), i hate the taste, i hate the cost.

grumpy t--i hope the weekend is better for you and D. being grumpy at the same time SUCKS!