Tuesday, January 20, 2009

survived; hair removal; progress and history

hey there! did you miss me? yeah, sorry about that. it doesn't happen often, but i just didn't feel like posting. i often post about things of little consequence, but i just wasn't feeling it this weekend. so, i will update you on what's been going on.

*****we survived the 12th bday sleepover. the girls were up until after 3 am and then got up saturday around 7:30 or 8am, but, i lived. the hubs and the boy also had a good guys' night, i think it's something that will always be a good memory for the boy. i think the girl had fun. her family bday party saturday went well too, though my brother kicked my ass at wii bowling. i redeemed myself and kicked the hubs' ass at it last night. my sister got the girl an abercrombie & fitch hoodie and shirt and we had to exchange it yesterday (too small). the kids and i were off yesterday for mlk day.

*****a&f (see above) the girl is by no means over weight or large or anything but i swear to jeebus that a&f clothing is made for tiny, tiny, sickly people. the girl has just started wearing size 12 pants (for length). she tried on a 14 at a&f and they were way, way too small. really? and? she had to get xl shirt and hoodie because holy hell the mediums were too tight. wtf is up w/ their sizing??? and everything smells. they spray that damn cologne on everything. anywho--they had a sale going on so we exchanged her stuff and she got an extra shirt and the boy got a hoodie. they should be happy campers for a day or so.

*****the kids and i were off yesterday for mlk and we spent it at the mall and borders and running errands. i got a shirt, green no less, for $7.99. i think it's the only green shirt i've had since high school.

******today was the historic inauguration. i'm glad people feel so hopeful and i can appreciate the historic implications, but omg, he's just a man for god's sake.

*******can we talk hair removal? i have friends who do the waxing thing. they swear by the waxing thing. i have never done this and, being one who really can't see hot wax being intentionally put on my who-who, just can't wrap my brain around it. i've tried shaving and even the depilatory creams (oh the burning) and the latest endeavor was the as seen on tv but available at tarjay smooth away. let me save you $10. it doesn't work. it's like what i think dermabrasion must be like, it's a buffer that you rub clockwise and then counterclockwise. at first it feels sort of smooth, but your skin is ashy because it's also exfoliating. put on some lotion. yeah, there's still stubble there. smooth away doesn't actually smooth the hair away. i'll stick w/ shaving. and why is this such a turn on for men?

and, on the same hair removal topic--one of my friends is going to school for this. well, for this and facials and waxing in general, and nails, etc. part of her course work will involve giving these treatments to people (friends) to practice. yeah, uh, i can't see letting my friend give me a who who waxing. but omg, she's excited about the school and becoming certified in this. though i'm happy for her and her goals, i just can't see being excited about waxing who whos.

******other things that have been on my mind center on my job and the possibility of it going away and about my writing and the possibility of never actually writing anything worthwhile and/or having a book published. not that i have anything to publish. but some of the blogs i read are written by very gifted writers and i look at my stuff and i think wtf am i doing?

i finished the twilight books, thank god, because bella was really starting to get on my nerves and by the forth book i really just wanted to cunt punch all of the characters except for jacob the wolf/man. then i started reading stephen king's latest collection of short stories, which i got for christmas. i've never tried short stories really. well, let's be honest, i've never really written a book either. i've started several.

here's my thing w/ writing a novel. i don't know how to write something that isn't at least somewhat autobiographical, no matter how i try to disguise it, and there's just a lot of bad shit i can't be throwing out for hell and half of georgia to read. so then i thought, huh, maybe i could take a stab at short stories. but again, how to do so w/out spilling my inner bad shit?

so that's really why i haven't blogged. i have a lot of questions running around in my head. a lot of uncertainties and blogging about my fear (though i'm trying not to think of it as a fear) of losing my job or worse, my fear of never writing anything worthwhile.

*****grins and giggles---sunday i lovingly called the hubs a douche canoe and the girl said don't you mean douche bag? i said no, he's more than a bag and she said then shouldn't you call him a douche truck? : ) he he

*****we got LESS than an inch of snow today. schools and daycare closed. the hubs stayed home with the kids. he finished cleaning out the garage (moving things to the shed); we actually have both cars in the garage tonight. if he got paid to do so i could really get used to him being a stay at home dad. he said i should pay him in sex. ha.

ok, so now i'm off to read and comment so you don't think i've abandoned you ; )


Not Your Aunt B said...

A&F clothes do run really, really, microscopically small. Any size there is huge at other stores- I don't know why clothes aren't sized more uniformly. It would save the frustration.

And you should try the waxing (not a full on, but just an "American" which is along the bikini lines). Take Advil, a glass or two of wine, and you can put numbing cream on if needed. It IS PAINFUL (but no more than a tattoo), but the results are fabulous. I just want the laser treatments not to cost an arm and a leg- that is what I need!

Not Your Aunt B said...

And I am totally stealing douche truck.

Just B said...

that was a lovely spin through your brain!

I'm with you on all the writing angst. Give a short story a try. Read some Jhumpa Lahiri stories (which I'm pretty sure are partly autobiographical). She is great at making the everyday extraordinary.

Astarte said...

DOUCHE TRUCK!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Your daughter has inherited comedic genius.

I agree with Just B, Jhumpa Lahiri is great.

I have waxed my hoohoo and associated areas, plus my pits, and I have to say, it's no biggie. Especially after the first time. The first time *is* actually a biggie. Ow. After that, though, eh. I've been suspicious of the rubbing thing - I figured I'd have carpet burn after awhile, in all ways possible.

Pandora said...

LOL!I am totally with you on the waxing thing.If I had a choice,I would go all 70's down there,screw my boyfriend.The pain is so not worth it.

creative kerfuffle said...

bea--it's no wonder young girls have such self-esteem issues. i think clothing manufacturers are in cahoots w/ marketing/ad execs. and the waxing? well, at the risk of being tmi (like THAT'S ever stopped me) i don't NEED to wax it's more of a....choice. and the bikini area (not that i'd ever wear a bikini) of the thighs is a non-issue for me, it's the actual hoo-hoo that i'd have done and i'm a wuss. and feel free to use douche truck--i stole douche canoe from sherendipity : )

just b--i'm totally going to check out your recommendation. i need to finish this sk book first though. i can't start something and not finish it or have two books going at the same time.

astarte---one of my other friends said the same thing, that the first time isn't great, but you get used to it. i'm just not sure i want to get used to it. as i said, i am a wuss!

penny---lol. the things we do for love : )

Penny said...

I have never bought any A&F clothes, but I know I tend to stick to the same brands because their sizes fit me better. I hate hate hate going into a store and not being able to fit into anything.

Waxing. I would like to try it for funzies, BUT there are a couple reasons I haven't 1. I would go ahead and do the full Brazilian which I'm sure would HURT 2. I do not think I would want to keep it up always, which leads to 3. I heard it is REALLY itchy when it grows back, and I'm sure that sucks when you are at work.

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Douche truck...It just doesn't have the mouth feel like douche canoe. But it's still damn funny.

I tried going into Maurice's to buy something after I had my son and got discouraged cuz now I have hips. Nothing fits me in there any more. So I haven't even ventured into A&F or Aeropostal or any place like that for fear of feeling like a cow. I have one Aeropostal sweatshirt that I got from my sisters (I think?) and it keeps shrinking every time I wash it. I'll stick to Old Navy and my second hand stores...thanks!

Sherendipity said...

Oh Jeez...A&F. They really do spray that shit cologne on every little thing, and it gives me an instant migraine as soon as I walk in there.
Hollister is the same, but not quite as bad.

I feel ya with the blogging. I've been in such a bad mood lately, and so fed up, and so lost that I can't come up with anything except bitterness. Nobody wants to read that kind of crap.

creative kerfuffle said...

tracy--the only reason i did buy a&f was because we had to exchange a gift the girl got and they were having a sale. otherwise? hells no do i shop there. and there's no way in hell i could wear anything from there.

antoinette---fyi i tried to leave you a comment but blogger wouldn't let me : ( douche truck doesn't have the same ring, but i thought the girl was pretty funny for saying it. in that i'm the parent so i won't laugh until you're out of the room way.

shere--i've never been in a hollister store but if they're like a&f i don't want to. i hate that store. and if i don't get my blog mojo back soon i think i'm gonna cry.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. You are so down-to-earth.

I wax and am very happy with the results. I use this one: http://www.salonhive.com/wax-n-waxing-starter-kit.html