Thursday, January 15, 2009

a prize? for me?

about a month ago the lovely and amazing astarte held a contest. to win the contest you had to share your most embarrassing holiday moment. squeeee! i WON! today, in the mail, i received an awesomesauce prize. let me show you it. (hotch, that's lolspeak for take a look at THIS!)

oooooo, pretty paper. the kitties love it : )

yeah, the hubs is TOTALLY gonna steal this from me! : ) but wait, there's MORE!!!

see all that loot? there are nifty pens (i love nifty pens) and penguin socks (i'm so wearing those to work tomorrow) and chocolate covered coffee beans (no, of course she didn't send them to me opened, but, ya know, i had to taste them) and heart earrings and magnets (the girl totally wants to steal those) and dog bone shaped paper clips (the girl already has stolen some of those). how freaking awesome is this????!!!!! thank you thank you thank you astarte : ) i officially forgive you for dropping me off your blogroll : )

now, i suppose you want to know what embarrassing moment won me this nifty prize huh? ok. i'll share.

ok, so my most embarrassing holiday was when i was about in 8th or 9th grade. i had only recently started my period. we went to wv for thanksgiving where ALL of my extended family lives. i was hanging out at one grandma's house and my parent's were at the other grandma's house. i started my period. since people having periods had not lived in that house for about 10 yrs the only supplies my gma had were those long, ginormous mattresses that attached to belts. one of my aunt's (10 yrs older than me) took pity and called my mom and told her to stop at the store on her way to my gma's and get me some real supplies. so, when my folks walk in w/ my supplies in a brown paper bag i was pleased--right up until my dad whipped out this huge box of pads in the living room--in front of all of my uncles who were watching tv--and asked if i needed these. i was humiliated. all the adults laughed an i basically avoided the lot of them as much as possible the rest of the day.

astarte made some comment about my dad just not having a clue that this would embarrass me, but no no no. he totally knew and he did it on purpose.

astarte--this totally made my day! thank you!

*and i have no idea why i over used totally and nifty in this post.


Hotch Potchery said...

What a well timed package, no? It looks great!

And damn, sorry about the whole pad thing. My Dad can totally be a jackass, but he would have never done that.

Pandora said...

You lucky duck!I'm SOOO jealous of your cool prize,because I never win anything :-(

Thanks for your comment on my blog,I'm glad you came to visit me over there,because I was getting kind of lonely.

Have a great day!

Penny said...

Oh that package is so fun!

Ugh, that story is mortifying I am so sorry for the 8th grade you!

Sherendipity said...

Holy cow, that's awesome !!!

broad minded said...

i'm jealous!!!

Kristin.... said...

Awesome package. I am wearing penguin socks today.

I want someone to mail me something besides bills and junk.

Pseudo said...

I followed your comment because I liked your picture. You're funny and I enjoyed this post. I'm bookmarking you.

Have you ever gotten back at your dad for this?

Just B said...

I hopped over here from a comment you left at Idiot's Stew. Funny story!

I see my friend Pseudo also just found you, which is very funny because she and I seem to share a brain (despite living an ocean apart and never actually having met). Totally nifty!

Astarte said...

You are SO lucky I didn't eat those Starbucks beans!!! I WANTED them!

I'm glad you liked it so much!!! Mmwah!

And, the blog situation is rectified. Yeesh, what a pain in the ass that whole re-do has been!

April said...

yay! congrats on winning the contest :-) packages are so fun!

creative kerfuffle said...

hotch--a well-timed package indeed! and yeah, my dad can be a total douchecanoe.

penny--welcome! and, this was my first prize ever. it was awesome.

tracy--luckily the 8th grade me survived : )

shere--yes, it is and it reminds me i owe you a package. actually, i never forgot i just am putting a lot of pressure on myself to make it like the most incredible package ever and yeah, well, it probably won't be as good as the one i got : )

broad--don't be a hater ; )

kay-kay--send me your address, i'll send you something.

pseudo--do you mind if i call you that? i'm lazy. and, welcome! i don't think i ever tried to get back at my dad. i've never been as mean spirited as him.

just b--yeah, pull up a chair, i'm glad you're here! i love finding friends that you feel you share a brain w/, that's awesome.

bea--i know right? i was practically giddy when i opened it.

astarte--you know you totally made my day! and i'm glad i'm back on the roll : )

creative kerfuffle said...

april--thanks for stopping by. i'm glad it won too cos that was an awesomesauce package!