Wednesday, January 21, 2009

observations, not necessarily political

these are my totally random observations and thoughts on the goings on yesterday.

i was at work so didn't get to watch the whole inauguration but did catch bits and pieces last night, as well as some of the balls. (i said balls, snicker)

i saw a clip of people who were stuck in some tunnel or other, on foot, for 3 hours. no.fucking.way. i would have freaked the hell out.

maybe it's because this one was so historic, but i never really paid that much attention to the inauguration before. also it could be that i am not that interested in politics.

watching these types of things always makes me think of west wing and i go through the episodes in my mind, comparing them. yes, i have obsessive issues.

i think it is totally ridiculous to have 10 balls in one night. seriously. it makes no sense. and though i have no style sense whatsoever, i think michelle's dress was fugly and not very flattering.

i would have loved to know what they said to each other during the dances, because i'm nosey like that. do you think he was all like--i am soooo getting laid tonight. i am your commander in chief. cos i know that's what the hubs would be saying.

i bet last night was the first time in at least 8 years that the president had sex in the white house and i bet it's been longer than that since a president had sex with his wife in the white house. yes, my mind works like that.

i feel sorry for their daughters. it's been a long time since there were little kids in the white house. their lives are going to be so bizarre for the next 4-8 yrs. no playing in the back yard, no having a friend come home from school with you, etc. i can't imagine.

i can't believe they had geraldo at the youth ball. i dislike him any way, but at the youth ball? for real? they should have posted him some where else. and, was it coincidence that he was wearing rose colored glasses? and? i totally expected the first couple to bust a move at the youth ball at the very least.

why did they dance to the same song (though i heart etta james' at last) every time. that was lame.

and how much do you think cheney hated being in that wheelchair yesterday? what a craptastic image for him to go out on.

and, regardless of what you think of his politics or person or whatever, don't you know dubya is probably having one of the best days he's had in a long time today? he can sleep in late, nothing on the agenda, etc. what a great feeling that must be.

and i feel sorry for the first couple--out all night at those ridiculous balls where they have to dance at every stinking one and then up bright and early for work today. it's not like he could call in sick or take a few days off. that sucks.


Unknown said...

Bush might be having a great day, but I think the rest of the country is enjoying the end of his term more.

Penny said...

I wondered what they were talking about when they were dancing too! I think it would be so interesting if it was just mundane stuff like "hey did you try the shrimp?" I am just so nosy I would love to know!

broad minded said...

i thought the dress was fine. although i think i would have preferred if it had just been strapless.

IB said...

I didn't watch any of it. The whole barackmania thing puts me off. I try to avoid getting swept off my feet by the media driven frenzy.

Now that the partying is done, the work begins. I hope they had a nice time last night. I imagine it was one of the easier days he will face.

Astarte said...

I know, I think having to go to ten balls is ridiculous, too. I mean, can't there just be one huge one, for heaven's sake! I'll bet all they were thinking about was that they wanted to go home to their little girls, who were spending their first night in their new home without their parents.

I agree that we're all probably even happier than Bush is. And I thought it was AWESOME that Cheney had to go in a wheelchair. I mean, how symbolic is THAT?! Weakened just when I'm sure he wanted to strut away. Mr. Bigshot lost his power, literally and metaphorically. Perfect.

Hotch Potchery said...

Hello??? I have posted two comments today, and none are showing up.

Pandora said...

I think Bush's life won't change much now,I think he slept in and relaxed a lot while being president too.That's why he had all his 'people' doing everything for him.

Well,that's just the idea I get from seeing him speak on tv and stuff,cos he always looked like he just kind of woke up,and read the speach his people prepared for him.

Only differance is he won't be the one in the crapper if something goes wrong in America now.Poos Obama is the bulls' eye now.

Sherendipity said...

The whole first dance just seemed awkward to me.
Then again, I'm sick of it all anyway. Get him in office and let him perform these miracles he's promised and then everyone can shut the hell up about it.
That was bad, wasn't it?

Pseudo said...

I read on another blog that after the parade, the girls had a sleepover at the White House, that their new friends from their new school were invitied, and that the White House staff organized a scavenger hunt so the girls and their friends could get to know the place.

Just B said...

I think ol george (who I hear isn't the sleep in type) is so happy to be done being bossed around by the creepy old guy in the wheelchair.

I didn't love the dress--looked like they just got married. But they did look happy.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--yes, i think you are right.

tracy--it would be funny if they were just talking about the shrimp, or other people.

broad--strapless would have been better, but still, meh.

ib--i too am over the whole thing and am ready to see what's next.

astarte--one big ball would be sufficient.

hotch--sometimes blogger eats my comments too. i think it has an eating disorder : )

penny--true. regardless of the party, being the one that is responsible for it all is a tough job.

shere--not bad at all. i'm tired of all the hype.

pseudo--oh, a sleepover at the white house. now THAT would be cool. i hope what you read was true, that would be sweet.

just b--yeah, creepy old guy got his just desserts : ) and ditto on the dress and they do look happy. i hope his new job doesn't screw w/ that.