Sunday, January 11, 2009

movies and news

i am a dvr whore. i drive the hubs crazy because sometimes when he's watching tv i flip on the dvr guide (which puts his show in this teenie box in the corner) and i scroll through movies looking for things to dvr.

two recent movies we've watched via dvr (i think they were on hbo) are the jacket and the savages.

the jacket (2005) w/ adrien brody and keira knightley. it didn't get great ratings but it was interesting. adrian brody's character ends up in a mental institute and kris kristtoferson is his doc who treats him by putting him in a straight jacket and throwing him in a morgue drawer for hours on end. it is dark. it's part sci-fi. it's not a feel good movie, but it's interesting.

the savages (2007) w/ philip seymour hoffman and laura linney. i love these actors. (he was also awesome, and a show stealer, in charlie wilson's war). philip and laura play siblings who have to deal w/ their aging, abusive, dementia-suffering father. they had a suck ass childhood and are now faced w/ what to do w/ a parent they've had little contact w/ in years. great movie, they were awesome and frankly, lots of things hit home for me.

news? well, i try not to watch too much news because it depresses me and freaks me the hell out. i like living w/ my rose colored glasses on and take comfort in the fact that if there's something really serious going on that i need to know about one of my friends or the hubs will tell me. this way i avoid hearing about that crazy woman in florida who killed her three year old or six year olds toting guns to school, etc. however, i catch tidbits from time to time and flipping through the channels the other day i saw babwa wawa (i can never think of her w/out saying her name that way) interviewing patrick swayze. first? i didn't know he had cancer. second? omg he's aged. sniff sniff. he was diagnosed w/ pancreatic cancer about 18 months ago (i think) and at the time told he had like 4 mos to live. he's beaten the odds no doubt. i read a headline friday that he was in the hospital w/ pneumonia. this makes me sad. it's not like i'm a huge swayze fan. yes, i loved dirty dancing. i mean c'mon. i was in college when it came out (1987--yes, it's been THAT long) and it was of course hot and i have the soundtrack and it's an iconic movie. nobody puts baby in a corner. and, lord help me i even liked point break and road house. so, yes, i makes me sad that he might be knocking on death's door. i hope death's out getting his robe dry cleaned or something and doesn't answer.

speaking of movies---what are your recommendations? old, new, color, b/w, award-winning or not--give me your top three movies.


Anonymous said...

50 First Dates (my daughter is named Lucy for that reason)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (, even if it does have Jim Carrey in it, but he doesn't ACT like Jim Carrey and it has my girl Kate Winslet in it.)

Saving Private Ryan.

creative kerfuffle said...

tonie--when are you going to get a blog??? it freaked me out the first time i tried to look @ your blog and it took me to sherry. then i was all like, huh, maybe she has an alter ego and posts on her own site under tonie and i wove this ridiculous scenario : ) yeah. i'm weird.
50 first dates--i loved, though it also made me sad. i love drew and adam anyway.
eternal sunshine--i've seen but need to watch again because i liked it but it was weird.
saving--sad, sad. but yes, i like that one too.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. Some weekend when I'm really bored. Really really bored. :)

justsomethoughts... said...

i'll go with "love actually" for a nuch of reasons.
and i'll say that i love reading your blog.

creative kerfuffle said...

tonie--well, when you start one let me know! also, have you heard from sherry?

just--i liked love actually too, but admit i'm a bit surprised that you listed a chick flick : ) he he and i think it's cool that you like reading my blog.

Astarte said...

The Dark Night was the best movie I've seen in a long time. We rented The Savages (I love Laura Linney), but never got around to watching it. I'll have to get it again. I also really like You've Got Mail for a mellow, happy fix.