Thursday, January 22, 2009

mojo oh mojo, where for art thou mojo?

i feel like i need to post SOMETHING so all of you don't run away and stop reading because i'm so freakin' lame. but this week has put me in a funk. a funk i say.

i did get a good laugh at sherendipity's new word--twat waffle. even though she's off her groove too she still makes me laugh. she's in the sidebar, read her. if you like reading about cheese and twat waffles and douche canoes : )

the hubs says i should take a picture of our garage and blog about that. for those of you who have been to my house you should know that since tuesday we have been parking not one, but TWO cars in the garage. it is clean! it fits two cars! it is a miracle! amen. really, our garage hasn't actually housed vehicles for any extended length of time since we moved here 7 years ago. it is an awesome sight to behold. plus, it's nice not to totally freeze your ass of in the morning or have to start the cars 20 minutes before you actually need to leave the house.

the blogging mojo has fled because the worry wart drove it away. the worry wart is worried about the upcoming conference at the end of february. the conference that i have to run, speak in front of people, etc. and in case you didn't notice? the economy is in the toilet right now and getting people to pony up money to attend a conference isn't really the easiest thing to do. despite that if we don't have a good attendance it will somehow be a reflection on me. oh, and we got a new big big boss, like my big boss's boss. i am not totally convinced that i will keep my job this year. however, the hubs is incredibly awesome and supportive and reminds me that regardless of what happens we'll still have our family and we'll make it through whatever happens and we've been through tough times before. but that worry wart guy keeps slipping in through the back door and i just want to take and axe to his forehead. the worry wart, not the hubs. the hubs rocks my world.

we also had another school project issue w/ the girl this week. i'm so at a loss. however, i think her teacher might also be off her rocker a scootch. after turning in the big project there was to be a group project, basically based on the same information. it was due today but when they went to school yesterday (after being off monday for the holiday and tuesday for snow) she pushed it back until friday. then TODAY the teacher said, oh, we have end of quarter testing today and tomorrow so it's due tues/wed/thurs of next week. the girl had concerns that she was the only one in her group doing anything and how would that impact her grade? the teacher said that only those in the group that actually worked on the project would get credit, so i do feel some better. but, get this, the girl said the reason she's put this off and not tried her best is because she doesn't want to stand out as the smartest in the class because people tease her. oy fucking vey. the hubs deals with these things so much better than i do. i lose my mind and get emotional and don't know what to say. he talked calmly with her about doing her best and being herself and being smart is a good thing. that trying to dumb herself down will only hurt her and the people making fun of her now will be the people working for her in the future, etc.

(sheesh, for not having much to say i'm sure rambling.)

i had to take off work today to take the boy to the dentist. he was having a filling and some other stuff done. i requested sedation because the last time he had something other than a cleaning done they had to load him up w/ novocaine (and it still didn't completely take) and he ended up hurling on the dentist. he was a nervous wreck the last time and the last thing i want is for him to be as freaked out about the dentist as i am. so they gave him some valium, we sat there for half and hour and then they took him back, fixed things and voila, no problems at all. while i was sitting there waiting for him (and watching what not to wear and totally wishing i could go on that show) i realized i totally fucked up in the job picking department. i should have been a hygienist or receptionist or something that didn't require you to actually think about your job when you left at the end of the day. i'm not saying those jobs don't have their challenges but deadlines and stress and ongoing projects--they don't have those. and i would love to have a job that i actually left at work at the end of the day.

but you know what? the hubs and i are having a date night tomorrow night (kids are staying w/ my folks) and w/ the garage cleaned up we can now actually use the treadmill (and i really am going to start doing that cos tracy and hotch and bea are making me feel like a slug w/ all their healthier lifestyles) (ok, we're not going to use the treadmill on date night, that was totally a run on stream of thought sentence) and i am more fortunate in so many ways than so many other people. i am not homeless. i am not alone. i am not sitting in a hospital room with a sick child. i am not worried because my kids are out roaming the streets. and i can still afford coffee and peanut butter m&ms : ) though this week i didn't have the peanut butter m&ms so i took a spoon of peanut butter and added my own m&ms. it wasn't the same, but it was yummy.


Unknown said...

My son had a bad dentist experience too. It's rough to get them back in after one. A little sedation never hurts.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Have fun on your date! And I am glad it isn't involving treadmills. At first I thought, wha? Sorry for all the stuff going on. That sucks. Especially when it is your kiddos too.

Hotch Potchery said...

I was waiting for some sex on a treadmill in the garage story for date night, and I was thinking...alright dudes, get a ROOM.

Sorry for the stress/funk combo. I go in bouts with SEVERE work stress, then none. Luckily I am in the none right now, so I can focus on my fat stress.

I love reading your posts, but if you need to take a break, we will be here when you are ready.

Astarte said...

Being made fun of for being smart is so stupid. Tell her stupid people do stupid things, like make fun of people that are too smart for them to understand so they won't look so bad. Sheesh. I used to get that crap a lot in school, too. At least as she gets older that will ease, since in high school they'll be broken out by ability for class.

broad minded said...

the hubs is right, if you were to lose your job, so what? you would get severance and unemployment and who knows that might be the perfect thing for you to feel empowered to try something new!

and i have totally fantasized about being a hygenist. i mean can you imagine, you don't have to think, you just do and you get to sit! and dentist's offices are always closed on friday and crazy things like that. i love it!

and if the girl needs an example of what happens to stupid girls, i can loan her my ex sister in law as an example . ..

Anonymous said...

What's up with wanting to work at a dentist office huh? Thoughtless job? I think not! Try putting 8 women together and see what happens!! The Friday thing is great. At least I can sometime pretend I am a stay at home mom.

Penny said...

I was just talking to someone about having a job that once you go home at the end of the day you are done and you start all over the next day. Even if it is hard work (like waitressing) it is so much less stressful.

Have a fun date!

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Is it mean of me that I'm hoping for layoffs at my job cuz I can't stand anyone anymore? We're in the construction biz and if it gets any slower I'm going to have to find some busy work, and I hate busy work. I've been there long enuf and I've made myself (almost) indispensable, and my bosses like me, so I'm fairly certain I would survive.

But I'm sorry you're stressed out. Thank God you have a blog huh???

And kiss my ass about your garage. We don't have one and I'm fairly certain parts of me are still frozen after trying start Meat's car last week. :) But I still like you anyway.

creative kerfuffle said...

heinous--i totally agree. whatever it takes to keep the boy from freaking out (and isn't bad for him) works for me.

bea--thanks. and don't worry, we didn't touch the treadmill last night ; )

hotch--no treadmill sex but the hubs is so freakin' proud of the cars being in the garage that now he wants to have sex in the back seat. lol and? thanks for the support : )

astarte--that's a lot of what the hubs told the girl.

broad--i know, i know. i need to chill the fuck out and you and the hubs are right. and as far as a stupid girl example---hello? my sister!

SIL--I KNEW you'd comment on that : ) i am not saying working in a dentist's office is EASIER, i'm saying you don't have deadlines or travel and you don't take your work home. yes, working w/ 8 other women would blow though.

tracy--i'm soooo w/ you on that.

tonie--i'm calling you that cos i'm a lazy typer. i understand the sort of wanting to get laid off. and yes, sometimes i really don't know what i did w/out a blog. lol about the garage : ) really, garages are pretty cool to have.