Saturday, January 24, 2009

edited--wow i forgot to give this a title

hello my lovies. and how are you? i'm feeling a bit better. so, what's happened since we last talked?

well, at work i missed a manager's mtg thursday while i was home w/ the boy. our new big boss teleconference called and i guess the low down is he's a bigger fan of online publishing than print; he doesn't really understand the separation of church and state as it pertains to publishing (ie journalistic integrity) and he doesn't really understand why each magazine has an editor and a publisher; but he really likes the idea of events (ie conferences) and he'll be down at the end of february for us all to tell him about our publications and basically justify our jobs. ok then. and, in further cost cutting measures the only staff members going to my conference are me, the queen of evil (haven't mentioned her in a LONG time) and ditto (my publisher). yeah. i'm gonna have fun. NOT.

enough work talk.

the hubs and i had date night last night. we dropped the kids off at my parents (my nephew gameboy stayed as well), grabbed a bite to eat and then came home and.....well, never you mind what we did after that. but we had a good evening : ) there might have been mary jane and brownies and sex and movies (fargo) and laughing and dot dot dot (bonus points if you can say what movie that came from) : ) honestly? it doesn't even matter what we do on date night, just that from time to time we have a night, to ourselves, where we can be a couple, act silly or crazy or whatever and not be mommy and daddy. it makes a huge difference in ones attitude.

we got up at 8:30 (i KNOW early for me on a weekend. it sucks), went to my folks house and the hubs took the boy to his guitar lessons while the girl and i hung out w/ my mom. i made the mistake last night when we dropped them off and mentioned that we're thinking about going to DC for the kids' spring break. my mom invited herself to go w/. uh. fuck. no. today the hubs said i had a decision to make about that--my mom could come w/ or we could continue to enjoy a happy marriage. (but i know if i really WANTED her to come, he'd give in). this morning it slipped out that my sister is even more irresponsible than i thought.

i've told you she's expecting (3rd baby, 3rd baby daddy); possibly could get laid off (though i guess she doesn't think so any more) and her plan for the future if that happens is medicaid. so, she's living in a two bedroom apartment now, plans to move into a house before the baby comes and lives pay check to pay check w/ help from the government by way of free health care for the kids and reduced lunches and reduced daycare. so, her husband of 5 months gets his tax rebate this week and what did they do? put it in savings (you know, cos they're having a 3rd kid and all)? nooooooo. they bought a 52" flat screen w/ stand, blue ray dvd player and a Wii and got cable and internet access. i'm just freaking stunned. how can you be so irresponsible w/ money like that? i mean the hubs and i have made bad purchases through the years and splurged, etc. but not to that extent. and the hubs has been chomping at the bit to get a big flat screen and blue ray. oy vey.

after the boy's guitar lesson we went to my friend donut's house and picked up a grill she didn't want (have room for) and gave to us. we visited w/ her baby munchkin. this is the first time my kids have seen her and she's 7 months old.

we took the grill home and then went to cracker barrel. omg. i'm sure i've been to cracker barrel before, like maybe once a million years ago, but it was so freaking yummy. the green beans tasted EXACTLY like the green beans my grandma used to make. it's all comfort food there and it all tastes homemade. we came home and took a nap afterwards : )


Not Your Aunt B said...

Mmmm...Cracker Barrel. So good. So Southern. So coma inducing.

And what a fun date night! You totally have to have those nights, along with girls' nite outs! That's how you survive having kids!

Won't even bring up the tv, blue ray thing. Crazy. I'm just happy we inherited a Wii so my hubs can stop whining for one. Of course, he plays it on our non-high-def 32" old-ass tv. But, whatev.

drollgirl said...

date night sounds super! i would like one of those SOON! i think every family has an idiot or two. crimony. it can be confounding!!!

p.s. i like yer blog!

Hotch Potchery said...

Sounds like an awesome date night, those are great to get all replenished and focused on the good stuff instead of the crap.

On the shopping when a baby is coming? WOW. I guess they did their part for stimulating the economy.

Cracker Barrel? A staple when traveling for us. We went on our way home from Charleston. YUM.

Oh, and I am not touching the self-inviting mom thing with a 10 foot pole. Karma is a bitch, and I am NOT willing to risk it.

Pseudo said...

I think our sisters are related.

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Meat is wanting a big screen too, but we have one from his brother, we GOT it is all I'm going to say. You can really see a difference, but I can't justify it when we're behind on almost everything.

I'll have to see where there's a cracker barrel. I've never been...But I'd also never been to a waffle house, and now we can hardly pass one (when we're down that direction) or Sonic. And we get to go to Sonic in 2 weeks. I'm so damn excited.

Penny said...

Cracker Barrel. I miss Cracker Barrel, and Waffle House and IHOP.

That sounds like a fun date night. In some ways it would be nice to have my mom closer so Warren and I could go out more often (like more than once a year), but in MOST ways it is great she lives several states away.

Kristin.... said...

No Cracker Barrels here. Sounds like I'm missing out.

We'll get another date night in MARCH when our babysitter comes home from college. (sobbing into my captains and ginger ale)

I just want to smack your sister for you. Is that wrong?

Just B said...

Wow to your sis. I think all her economy stimulating spending is completely offset by all her government subsidized living:) Sisters!(I have 3 of them, for better or worse)

btw, I tagged you!

Sherendipity said...

Love date night!! At least, I think I's hard to remember something that you haven't had in FOREVER.
I want a rocking chair from the Cracker Barrel. As soon as I get my new house, I'm going to DEMAND Brad and I go there so he can buy me one. I'll tempt him with fried okra.
Also, come to visit me. I'm having a giveaway on my site that you can put to good use on your next date night.
Bown chicka bow bow.