Saturday, January 31, 2009

good things

when i think of listing good things, which i've done here before, i always think of that poem rocky wrote in mask (actually, i just looked it up and mask was based on a true story and the real "rocky" actually wrote this poem)

These things are good:Ice cream and cake, A ride on a Harley, Seeing monkeys
on a tree, The rain on my tongue, And the sun shining on my face.

These things are a drag:Dust on my hair, Holes in my shoes, No money in my pocket, And the sun shining on my face

i'm sitting here on saturday night; the hubs is snoozing in his recliner; the kids are in the den watching a movie and actually not fighting for once today; i have a dog and a cat on the sofa beside me and i'm watching under the tuscan sun.

it's been a bad week, but really, i shouldn't complain. i have a job, for now, and i have insurance to cover the doc appt and meds for my sinus infection. i went to the grocery store today and bought food for my family. i know things could be much, much worse.

and so, my random list of good things

flannel pajama bottoms, so soft, warm and buttery and no bra
old movies, especially starring katherine hepburn
dogs or cats snuggling on your lap
snuggling of any kind really
hot tea or, better yet, coffee (w/ cream please)
old fountains
discovering that your son will eat salad if you buy the iceberg lettuce in a bag kind (yuck)
getting lost in a good book
the sound and smell of the ocean; rhythmic, crashing waves are calming, yet frightening in their power; i feel whole but insignificant
the smell of snow (though we haven't really smelled it this year)
bread and butter
peanut butter and chocolate
long hot showers
strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries
sexy movie scenes that leave the sex to your imagination
clean kids
creating something, anything
trees--in spring, summer, fall and winter
pregnant bellies


cheatymoon said...

great list. I always have one going. have a good weekend.

Antoinette Meaterson said...

You forgot...

And the sun shining on my face :)

Pandora said...

you've been tagged!hope you will play along.

Kristin.... said...

So many of your good things are my good things too!

Astarte said...

I love snuggling with the animals. They generally stay still, are warm, and smell good. Plus, they don't talk through the whole of whatever you're watching! A purring cat will about put me to sleep every time.

Penny said...

Mmm, I really like all of those things except: shrimp, old movies, and hot showers (I would prefer a bath). I also love lists of things I love.

Just B said...

I love it when my clean kids eat salad and I can serve them while wearing pajama pants and drinking coffee with cream. And trees, lots of trees, in sight.

Terrific list! Hope you are feeling better.

creative kerfuffle said...

only--thanks for coming by : ) sometimes it takes making a list to put things in perspective for me.

tonie--right about now (well, not RIGHT now cos it's 8:33pm) i'd love the sun shining on my face, the sand beneath my feet and a guinness in my hand as i lounged in a hot tub : )

penny--oooohhh i loved being tagged, can't wait to see what it is!

kristin--great minds think alike!

astarte--lol about the talking through whatever you're watching! omg, the boy does this ALL the time. right now meow is snuggling on my lap. i like to think it's me but probably more likely the warmth coming from the laptop!lol

tracy--no old movies? no shrimp? dang. ok, well, post a list of your own so i can read : )

just b--you're comment cracked me up : ) and, i have lots of tree paintins/art around the house as well.

Gal Friday said...

Great list..mine would have lots of similar things on it(I love hearing the surf from the ocean when the wind is just right, from my open bedroom window--and even the stormiest sea does sound good and exciting!)
I HAD to come over here to check out your "kerfufflicious" blog when I noticed your name on *only a movie*'s blog. My blog was orignially called "Hot Kerfuffle" (kerfuffle being one of my favorite words)until I changed it to Gal Friday.

Sherendipity said...

I would like to add, "My friend Lisa" to your list of good things.

creative kerfuffle said...

gal--glad you stopped by. i also love the word kerfuffle. one of my friends dared me to use it in a story i was writing at work and see if it made it into print; it did and i've loved it since then : )

shere---you are such a sweetie. really.