Tuesday, January 13, 2009

25 things

my friend broad challenged me w/ this, 25 things about me, yesterday. initially i laughed, cos i'm all about these types of listies, but it was actually hard because i'm an open book i think. broad and i have been friends for (omg) about 7 yrs now and i always liken us to shirley maclaine (ouiser (i've always thought it was weezer) ) and olympia dukakis (clairee) in steel magnolias.

here's my list:

1. when i’m drinking something cold (like my fave, sweet tea) i prefer plastic glasses to glass glasses. i have no idea why

2. when i’m at work i put lotion on my hands like 7 times a day

3. i prefer writing with pens with blue ink rather than black ink

4. you would not be able to tell from my skin tone, but i am 1/32 cherokee

5. i have an obsession for icanhascheezburgers. it always cracks me up

6. i would like to learn how to make soap and jewelry and to develop film

7. i started crocheting the hubs an afghan about two years ago. not only is it not finished but, since i only know one crochet stitch and cannot follow a pattern it is about twice as wide as a normal blanket should be. it would make a lovely scarf for….a giant

8. sleep is, and always has been, my friend. it is not just a physical necessity for me. i enjoy it. when i am depressed or stressed it helps me cope (not always good). i slept a lot during my freshman year of college. aside from being a stress reliever, i just really enjoy the peace and comfort of it, even if it’s just a catnap

9. when i go out to eat i totally “need” a straw to drink out of my glass but i don’t use straws at home

10. i often wonder if many people are happy in their jobs

11. during the work week i probably drink 5 cups of coffee a day on average. is that too much?

12. my parents were not cuddly, affectionate, i-love-you, type parents when i was growing up so i delight in the fact that the hubs and i are, both w/ each other and w/ our kids (and i love using the word delight)

13. coming up w/ 25 things is hard. i do not own a pair of boots

14. i am trying to grow paperwhites on my desk at work because i cannot have indoor plants at home because the cats will eat them. meow has even tried to eat the one faux plant we have. i don’t really like faux plants (pst...this is not a pic of my desk; it's from google images. are you kidding? i don't have a window! and my paperwhites are only about 2 inches out of their bulb at this point. and, they're growing wonky--all slanted over.)

15. though both the hubs and i have hazel eyes both kids have brown eyes

16. sometimes i miss 80s fashions

17. i was surprised when the hubs told me this weekend that when we got married men he knew at the time said to enjoy it then because after about 10 years, marriage sucked and became more like a business arrangement. thank god he didn’t listen to them because our first several years were not as good as these years

18. i am surprised that neither of my children twirl their hair (a habit of mine) but my nephew gameboy does

19. in the fall/winter, one of the first things i do when i come home from work is put on my pajamas

20. i have never seen an imax movie

21. though i have faith in god i’m skeptical about religion and the bible; i also believe in supernatural phenomena and haven’t discounted reincarnation

22. . i am not very patient. it bothers me when i email someone and do not receive an immediate response

23. green is my favorite color but it is not a color i wear

24. i do not name the vehicle i drive

25. i’ve lived in nc longer than i’ve ever lived any where else, and yet whenever we go to wv to visit family a sense of belonging washes over me like the mountains are welcoming me home on some primal level


Anonymous said...

This is one time I'm glad we don't work together. Paperwhites smell HORRIBLE!

Luv u!

Sweet T

Diane said...

Great list! I'm totally with you on the straw thing... weird isn't it? And the huggy thing, too... my folks never did it but I'm constantly hugging on my daughter (and my dog :).

Thanks so much for your comment on my Defining Moments post... it was very sweet and very much appreciated!

Hotch Potchery said...

I am totally a plastic girl, with all beverages, especially beer, I prefer a plastic cup. Maybe it is keg party nostalgia?

I also am a straw girl with everything I drink except water and beer. I also like all drinks in cup with ice and a straw, except water and VitaminWater type drinks.

Pajamas. check. Impatience. check. Icanhazcheezeburgers. FAIL. I do not think those are funny. Maybe because spelling incorrectly is not a joke.

broad minded said...

true, misspellings are a scourge. i literally lose a small piece of my mind everything i see a "kwick mart."

a fountain soda, over ice with a straw is ALWAYS superior. no ifs, ands or buts. i am more flexible about glass types when out, but at home i prefer plastic thermal cups. not very martha stewart of me.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting list! I do have to agree with Sweet T about the paperwhites - they are delightful (that's for you) to look at, but I cannot take the smell of them. It is a funny way to drive your coworkers crazy though - I think some of them will be searching all over for that dead mouse that no one can find!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Yes to sleep, straws, blue ink, crochet (mine is just one long shoelace), and trying to grow paperwhites too (epic fail so far). And that photo of finding Jesus cracked me up.

Penny said...

I'm not a big straw fan, only if the cup has a lid will I use one.

I also love icanhazcheezeburgers! My sister is such a bitch, she doesn't even understand that cats can't spell so good.

Astarte said...

I totally understand the WV thing. I feel the same way about VT. I've been in MD for almost 13 years now, and only lived in VT for 4, but I still consider that my home. I live very close to WV - do you go anywhere near MD when you're there?

I have to have a straw at a restaurant, too. When I think about it, it seems wasteful, especially since HELLO MY DRINK IS IN THE GLASS, but there it is.

Trish said...

i can teaqch you how to develop film

Sherendipity said...

I'd take the time to leave a better comment, but after reading #22, I figured I'd better get my ass back to my email responses.

creative kerfuffle said...

sweet t--well, i don't think i'm doing a great growing job so they may never bloom/smell. and if they do i'll be all fake nice and give them to someone in the office i don't like ; )

diane--kid and pet hugs are awesome! and your defining moments post will stick w/ me for a long time.

hotch--you could afford kegs in college? wow! and i cannot BELIEVE you don't see the humor in the badgrammercats! sheesh.

broad-aha! a crack in your martha facade. squeeeee!

crystal--i hope they bloom because now i'm curious about the smell. apparently i've never grown them before cos i had no idea.

bea--you and i should start a crocheting group : ) he he

tracy--i'm not saying hotch is a bitch, but she does like britney and that's just wrong.

astarte--i think they should play john denver's song, country roads, at the borders into wv : ) the part we go to is in the low hump--southern part of the state.

trish--welcome back! i missed you. i would love for you to teaqch me to develop film.

shere--hmph, well, 'twasn't me you were emailing cos i didn't have one. but, given that you are out of town you are excused : )

Hotch Potchery said...

I totally missed my sister calling me out. Her cats are stupid and can't spell, but Frisky, our cat, is the 6 time cat spelling champion.

Unknown said...

80's fashions? Hmmm...that would depend which ones.

Plastic glasses don't sweat as much ;)