Sunday, May 1, 2011

love me some colin

firth that is. although i didn't watch the live viewing of friday's wedding (i caught a recap that night) i did watch the king's speech last night. i love colin firth. although i don't think he is considered among the "hotties" i find him sublime and charming and personable and handsome. above hot if you will.

the movie was spectacular really. sad in many ways. i realize it's a movie, but the glimpse into that royal life is always mesmerizing. i had always had a more romantic, doe-eyed notion about edward giving up the throne for his true love, but in actuality he was a bit of an ass, she a bit of a player, and it's probably better he gave it up. i think england would be a much different county if he hadn't. i love the fact that although george vi's own parents were hands off and of that aristocratic age that didn't really take care of their own kids or show them love, he and elizabeth seemed to be loving parents.

i watched a recap of friday's wedding---though all those years ago i remember watching that wedding live and being touched and awed. looking at the clips of that now, i don't see the glowing love and affection that i thought i did then, things that were so obvious in this wedding. i liked the nods to di and the personal touches the couple put on their special day.

the hubs and i were talking, after watching the king's speech, and wondering what the english government will do this time around. not only is the next king divorced, he's remarried to a divorced woman. i think times have changed enough that this won't be an issue, but it was only two-generations ago that it was. interesting.

i like the fact that the new future queen doesn't have a royal drop of blood. i mean after all of this time i'd say they need to expand the gene pool right? and don't you know when william eventually watches this coverage he's going to come face to face (if he hasn't already) with the fact he's got a huge bald spot and harry has a nice full head of hair? wouldn't it be cool if kate's sister and william's brother got married?


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a rumor that harry has a different dad?

cheatymoon said...

I can't wait to watch that movie. You're right - Colin Firth is above and beyond...

The wedding took my by surprise - meaning I was really quite emotional about it - and only watched because it was on when I had a moment getting ready for school. It made me miss living in the U.K., and miss my grandmother (who was British and a huge royal fan.)

And Harry is much cuter.

Possum said...

I've always been a fan of Colin Firth but the 'kings speech' pushed me right over the edge.
As for Helena Bonham Carter's performance...she had the carriage and speech patterns of the queen mother down pat!
Absolutely brilliant!

Surely said...

There is rumor that he will pass the crown directly to William as Charles (reportedly) never wanted to be king.

A few times William & Katherine has been referred to as the new monarchy so I wonder if the rumor is true.

Watch the Lifetime movie about them, it's delightfully cheezy!

Everyone says that Colin Firth's Mr Darcy is way better than the movie version but I can't imagine that's possible.