Friday, May 27, 2011

etiquette question

so, now that i am back to work (thank GOD, no, really THANK YOU GOD), i don't have the freetime i once did. i cannot access my personal email or face libre from work (not that i've tried to get on fb at work, yet, but i can't even get to my yahoo email).

now when i do get a chance to look at fb i realize that i am friends w/ a lot of people i never talk to. i may comment on their posts from time to time (whether they comment on mine or not). some people have friended me and we've never even "talked" or caught up or said boo to each other.

i just pruned my friend tree. there are people on my list who friended me and seriously we never interacted. some i have tried to make comments on their posts and never get a response. so. i am being ruthless.

have you done this? how do you handle it?

also---possum....thank you for your comments : ) if i had your email addy i could respond...i always respond to comments via email. i need to add you to my blogroll too! : )


Anonymous said...

I have people on my facebook page that shouldn't be there... haven't ditched them yet. I know lots of people who do this. One friend wrote a status update that said she just purged her friends list and if we could read the status, we had 'made the cut'. Funny stuff.

So glad about your job. Still.

Possum said...

I have had folk request my friendship 3 or 4 times...folk I do not know AT all, whose requests I ignore hence the repetition and then when I think oh what the hell and allow them in...not a word..they get the boot. And then you get the chitter chatters who need to update their status hourly. Dear god!!! Thank goodness for the block option.
Maybe when you've worked out how to access the libre from work you can clock up some Social Notworking hours :)


Surely said...

If someone is bothering me with facebook vomiting I just hide their statuses.

I am trying to think if I ever hit unfriend and I think the only time I did was Teh Crazy. Oh wait, I unfriended Kev's exwife upon his request. But it was his FB, not mine.