Sunday, May 15, 2011

supporting the girls

starting a new job in a weeks means i need some new clothes. i went bra shopping the other day. i hate bra shopping, but omg, i fell in love w/ the bras i got. nothing extravagant mind you, they're playtex, but they are so damn comfortable.

i have never spent much money on bras (these were on sale for under $20 each) and had never considered the big bolder bras. you know the ones, those that looks like tatas are in them even when they aren't? they're a little padded. i never considered them because i thought, hey, the girls are big enough on their own and i don't need padding and those big bolder bras look weird. i have always been an underwire girl---the girls need the support and the older i get the more support they need. the bras i had were at the point where it was like, ok, which one of these is going to hurt me the least, because all of the wires were poking out and stabbing me.

i got the padded, full cup bras and they are like heaven. seriously i have never felt more comfortable in a bra. the girls look perkier than they have in 20 years and i'm not being pinched or anything! love them! i seriously thought about taking a pic of the girls and posting it but thought better about it.

if you are a full figure gal or have bodacious tatas i highly recommend the playtex secrets line of overtheshoulderboulderholders. they even have pretty colors : )


Unknown said...

A proper fitting bra can give the look of weight and age loss.

Im so excited for you!

You and your girls go get em.

cheatymoon said...

I hate bra shopping, but I'm intrigued. My current model hasn't been doing it for me lately. Will investigate...

Surely said...

I have a letter and number for you:


Yeah, not fun. I'm 5'3" and most of me is boobs. I order from Just My Size but they don't always have the "smaller" band size. GAH.

Hate, hate, hate underwires. I can't wear them. Playtex is the best, for sure.