Friday, April 29, 2011

10 day update

wow. i just looked at my blog and realized it's been 10 days since i posted anything. hmmm.

i have been trying to keep up w/ reading/commenting but frankly am finding it difficult to concentrate enough to write a coherent post that isn't whining about not having a job.

in the last 10 days:

...the boy had a run in w/ the trampoline and required stitches in his knee. on a friday. an hour before the dr office closed; two hours before the girl's soccer game and all while the hubs was out of town. six stitches in his knee later and we were headed to the game. i thought i handled it pretty well. no hysterics (which i am ashamed to admit i am likely to do if the hubs is around to be the rock). after all was said and done i asked the kids how i did. did i seem calm, cool and collected? they laughed! they said i wasn't BAD but they knew i was freaking out because i was talking a lot and fast. attempt to calm them down and soothe them w/ chatter back fired evidently.

....easter came and went. although both kids have forsaken the easter bunny, he still visits. they were up at 6:30 am to collect said basket. really? it's fucking candy dudes. and one of those creepy faux live chipmunks they'd been wanting. we went to pie's (my sil's mom & dad) for easter dinner and it was so nice. pleasant. not irritating or nervous or a chore like it is when we go to my parents' house for anything. of course my parents are on their extended redneck vacation in wv. living in their new camper. posting on fb how much they miss their family. really? then why the fuck did you leave? i am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that they went out of town (i have no idea when they're coming back) right before a holiday, knowing when they left that it might possibly the last easter they'd get to spend w/ my kids if we had to move. but, whatev.

....for the last two weeks i have been on pins and needles about a job. in the last round of interviews i had, this one was the only one i hadn't yet received a reject letter. now they want me to come in next week for a lunch and to meet one of the company founders. this is a big company (they make things that make technology work--cell phones, computers, space stations, etc) and their benefits are AMAZING. the lunch thing has thrown me for a bit of a loop because i was given the impression that a decision was being made this week. all week i've been thinking i'd get the call that would either end in a fabulous job or end in us once and for all making the decision to move. so...still waiting. still in limbo. the last two days i've also had a phone interview w/ a company that could be interesting. salary was more than i was making and there's a possibility of working from home. however, as good as that sounds, it is for a real estate company, which doesn't seem as stable as a tech company. i also have an interview today for a communications position w/ a local school district (where both my sil and bro work). i am not hopeful about this particular job because unless you are already in the system it's difficult to get a job.

.....flipping through tv channels this week the hubs landed on a show about the judds. while i don't listen to country music much, there are a few artists i enjoy and the judds are one of them. in this episode the mom was telling the daughter about their family history of craziness and abuse and admitted that she was sexually abused as a child. the mom was dealing w/ her own relationship w/ her mother and how she didn't protect her. she talked about how she was trying to learn to deal with the fact that the things her mother did and didn't do impacted her life. you can imagine how surreal that was for me to watch.

....we have had more than our fair share of tornado warnings/watches in the last few weeks. historical numbers is what the local news says. thankfully we have not seen the devastation that so many other states have had. there have been sightings and i think a few touched down, but no where near us. while i love rain and thunderstorms, the tornado warnings freak me the fuck out. our weather has been so strange....pleasant spring weather and then bam, it's 85 degrees, humid, and 75 degrees inside (which means i've had to turn the air conditioner on). i finally took the flannel sheets off the bed until fall.


Unknown said...

I've missed ya lady. Thanks for all the catch up comments : )

I feel that job coming your way...the right one. The best fit one. Hang in there.


Also in that path of record number deaths, but we were untouched here in the metro area.
I was scared shitless bc they were hitting at after dark.

Good to see you back around!

Anonymous said...

ooooh, it really does seem like your job is waiting in the wings.

I am with you and your above commenter. Love storms, but tornadoes freak me the fuck out. We had a warning last summer (in Maine!) and 3 touched down a few neighborhoods away. In Maine.

Also, Dan was in Atlanta the other night under tornado warning until 2 a.m. Ack.

That job... I think one will pan out. I really do. xo

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts about the job situation!

I was a bit freaked out with the last tornado warnings we had, too. So much death and destruction in such a short time! Sad.

It was good to see you on Thursday!

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

I am still thinking good thoughts on the job front for you!!!!