Friday, December 10, 2010

surprise, surprise, surprise

tonight was filled with lots of surprises. we had to go to a dinner/party for the hubs' work. i think we were both sort of dreading it. i've talked before about his work...the company he works for basically blows. last year we missed the shindig because it was the same night as our own christmas party. we hadn't been to a work event in a few years.

the first surprise...we left the kids home alone. they've been home alone for about an hour at the most, during the day. this was their first evening alone. they did great. we were gone for probably 5-6 hours. we called them three times; the boy called us about four. i felt kinda bad because the girl had actually been home sick today (i took her to the strep, probably just a virus..she's on antibiotics; no fever, no coughing, just sore throat). the boy's loose tooth came out while we were gone. i think, for the most part, the boy stayed in the living room and the girl stayed in the den.

the second surprise...remember when i said my sil inadvertently found the boss's wife's blog? i said her blog was douchy? yeah...well, the blog is still too syrupy sweet for me...but the lucky sperm boy's wife? she's actually kinda cool. somehow we've never met. she cut loose at the dinner (did i mention martinis were flying? drinks were abundant?)...her husband (the hubs' boss, was a stick in the mud the whole time) but girlfriend was fun. she was friendly and funny...and she and one of one of the guys from the office actually did cartwheels in the parking lot after the dinner. in heels. well, she was in heels, not the guy. though, if they were his size he totally would have worn them. i was pleasantly surprised at how normal she was.

the evening itself was nice. it was good to get out and be w/ the hubs...just us, out among adults. i can't remember the last time that happened. we started the evening at the big boss's house. that part was kind of uncomfortable. it was six couples in all and aside from lucky sperm boy and his cool wife (who are younger) everyone else was much older than us. once we got to the restaurant for dinner it got better. the alcohol was flowing, the food was great, and our end of the table was having fun.

the third surprise...magic bullets don't actually work. or maybe mine doesn't work.


cheatymoon said...

Glad you had a great night. Which magic bullet do you have? Wait, I think I already know. Battery operated, remote controlled? I've, er, read about them.

drollgirl said...

well what a relief that you had fun! i cannot even TELL you how much i dread most social things, particularly WORK PARTIES! barf! but when the alcohol flows and at least one other person is interesting or fun, it can be tolerable. and even fun.

and now you know that you can leave the kids at home and go out for adult fun. YAY!

Antoinette Meaterson said...

love the new background...very purdy.

Surely said...

Every time I read the title all I can hear is the guy Gomer Pyle...

Sounds like a lot of fun as far as work parties go.

Kristin said...

I'm happy the party was fun! We had to skip D's party this year due to hockey commitments. I don't really mind, as they've done the same thing (dinner at restaurant) for the last several years and it's really time for something new (or no party and give out a holiday bonus!) and as it was I had the kids' flu bug so we wouldn't have gone anyway!
I don't think the day will EVER come when I can leave my brood home alone!