Thursday, December 9, 2010


we still have spots of snow in the yard, mostly because it's been too cold to fully melt everything. the hubs said his grandpa used to say, "when snow lingers it's waiting on company." i thought that was pretty cool. god knows it's been frigid here.

despite all of the good qualities my kids have, they are bizarre. both of them. it is fucking cold outside, like in the teens in the mornings, 30s in the day, and they will not wear long sleeve shirts. when i tell them to at least for the love of pete put a coat on, they put on a jacket or a hoodie. really? i am a bundler. big thick socks, a t-shirt and sweatshirt or some other long sleeve, cozy warm shirt. give me layers. i like being toasty. my kids? not so much. i bet teachers think i'm quite the parent...sending my kids to school dressed the way they are. sheesh.

i don't know if it's really ok to say this yet, but, i can't help it. my friend texas is coming to visit us! she and her family are coming in february! i simply cannot believe it. last night the boy said, "that's a really good friend that would come that far to see you." and he's absolutely right.

busy busy busy---that's what we're heading into. tomorrow night is the hubs' company christmas shindig. drinks at the head honcho's house and then dinner. we missed it last year because it was on the same night as our christmas party (which we aren't having this year). we are obligated to go. blech. next weekend we're going to a friend's christmas party though, and i am looking forward to that one.

saturday we are baking at my house. my sil and kids, sister and kids and my mom are all coming here to bake christmas cookies. we're all trying to think of something different to make--we'll be doing sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, russian tea cookies (or i've also heard them called wedding cake cookies i think)--have any other suggestions? what cookies do you bake for the holidays?



Pseudo said...

You have a lovely holiday season going on. Winter snow, parties, baking. It all sound wonderful.

And so glad your friend is coming to visit!

cheatymoon said...

I made chocolate covered pretzels yesterday. I may tackle something more complex this weekend...

So psyched your friend is coming to visit!

Surely said...

I find my cookies next door or at the store (:-D I don't have the attention plan nor talent for cookies.

How fun that your friend is coming to visit. Perhaps she'll love it so much she'll move!! *cross fingers*