Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a blow to the ego

today i learned that the publication i worked for, the one that laid me off, has not only hired a person to take my job...they hired the person who had the job before i did. and the position no longer reports to the person i reported to (which was never a good idea anyway) but rather to the big boss himself.

i found out about five minutes ago via fb and then i read the article about it. my emotions are all over the fucking place. of course my first thought is...if they are renewing their commitment to the pub and they're going to have a dedicated person in that role why the hell didn't they hire me back? my second thought is...i think even though i desperately need a job i'm not sure i could comfortably go back there to work. third...they hired her? they were pissed at her and pretty much forced her out and then talked trash about her when she was gone. was i really THAT horrible compared to her? i have mulled this over w/ the hubs and a friend or two...not this particular thing but my being snubbed by them in general...and honestly the only thing i can think of is that the queen of evil (haven't seen THAT name here in years) didn't like me. but, i never got the impression she liked this person either, so that still stumps me.

of course this is a serious blow to the ego. huge. it's bad enough companies that don't know my skills and value aren't hiring me, but now a company that does know me didn't hire me. that will stick in my craw for a long time i can tell you right now.


Unknown said...

Swift kick to the crotch of the ego indeed.

I am not typically a "Things happen for a reason" kind of person. In fact, I like to bitch slap those people whenever possible. However, I just can't help but feel in this instance, NOT being there with those toxic morons is best for you.

I worked for a place that was doing this very thing. Pay cuts lay offs, new hires, pay cuts, layoffs, new hires. Piss poor managing at it's best. The poor souls being worked to death there never know if they'll have a job the next day and are overworked for every day they are there.

I can only imagine how stressed you are at being out of a job and I'm sorry I have nothing to offer of help in that. Just know that working for morons who make shitty choices and can't manage to find their asses with both hands is not where you want to be.

Surely said...

Dude. That's sucks.

Check your email...it's that kind of day...

*hug* *chocolate* *puppy* *alcohol*

Kristin said...

Ugh. That blows.

Annabelle is right though. Totally right.