Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a little less grinchee

despite the fact that my children do not share in my joy of christmas movies, i have managed to watch some this year.

i love the classics---miracle on 34th street (w/ natalie wood playing little susan), i watched it the other night. my favorite (which i haven't watched yet) is it's a wonderful life. i love love love this damn movie. and you know what? it wasn't even meant to be a christmas movie necessarily. i love all the bass & rankin shows from my childhood, rudolph, santa claus is coming to town, the year without a santa claus. and of course frosty. the hubs' favorite (and one we watch every year w/out fail) is the little drummer boy. i have a copy of jim henson's emmitt otter's jug band christmas--does anyone remember that one? it's never on any more. it's a gift of the magi good. we did watch the original christmas carol...the first ones always seem to be the best.

our more recent faves are the tim allen santa clause movies....they're all pretty good. and of course elf. seriously one of my new faves. and a christmas story (though i swear i didn't know that was made in 1983, i thought for sure it was older) and christmas vacation (these two are tied for my brother's faves i do believe).

christmas eve everyone (my folks, sis and her family, bro and his family) usually come to our house. we've done it for several years and my kids count that as tradition. they were almost aghast when my mom suggested having it at her house this year. everyone will be here around 2 pm on christmas eve (accommodating work schedules and people who need to get home to play santa). i have surprises in store (which is one of the reasons i'm feeling a little better i think...i'm excited) which i will share w/ you after christmas as i know my sil reads this : )


cheatymoon said...

Oh! You must email me and tell me the surprise. There's no way I'll make it to your house in time to find out...

Love Actually is my favorite Christmas movie.

Anonymous said...

Love Actually is great! I saw Holiday Inn last night, which I like better than White Christmas. I have only watched Charlie Brown Christmas, and the Grinch so far this year on TV. Must watch A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life soon!

Sweet T

tulpen said...

I've never seen Miracle on 34th Street.

I know. Something is wrong with that.

My favorite is still A Christmas Story.

Merry Christmas!