Monday, November 22, 2010

monday randomness

we saw the latest harry potter movie this weekend. i wasn't impressed. the girl has read all of the books, numerous times...she does that when she gets hooked on a series. we had already seen a few of the movies when i tried to go back and start reading the books. epic fail. i can't see the movies of something and go back and read the book. i've tried. i have loved all of the movies up until this point, really, really enjoyed them. ron and snape have always been my faves. i cried over last year's movie. this one...i didn't feel like it moved the story on very much. since i haven't read the deathly hallows i have no idea what's in store...but it seems to me they could have done the whole thing in one movie, not two parts. the girl was pleased w/ it though, and i've heard others say it's the best one yet. i didn't think so.

the other day when the boy came home from school he brought the mail in from the mailbox and leafed through it. my kids always do this...curious i guess if there's ever anything from them. usually not. it's typically bills and junk mail. he saw a letter address to me from a local college, i'd applied for a job there. he opened the letter, excited about the fact they might be offering me a job, i knew it was a reject letter before he even opened it. i've mostly become immune to these. the boy read it and then looked up at me, sad, and said "i'm sorry mom." i told him it was ok and that i figured it was a rejection letter. he said, "they're stupid, they should hire you." he can be so incredibly sweet sometimes.

the bedrooms were cleaned...and still are. the girl's attitude mostly evaporated. i say mostly because this weekend we started discussing high school options. up until this point we'd sort of assumed she'd go to one school...but there's a new high school opening that might be an option and there's an option of an ib school (i know very little about it or the concept). i talked to a mom this weekend about the ib school (her kid goes there) and it sounds exactly like what the girl would need....a place where she would not stand out as being the smart kid. a place she'd fit in. when we brought it up to her i thought she'd be thrilled at the prospect seeing as how she's had such a tough time in middle school. she's not thrilled. even though she wants to break away from going to school w/ everyone she's going to school w/--there are a few she doesn't want to leave behind and she doesn't want to be the new kid in school, not knowing anyone. i've been there, done that but don't know how to explain to her that while initially it can be the best thing.

my mom had said she was coming to the girl's first indoor soccer game this weekend (it was interesting; the field is smaller and has hockey rink type walls and a net over the whole thing; the ball is never out and the game is shorter because there is no half time; it seems more aggressive too, although that could be because they played a team older and bigger than them) and she didn't. i later had an email where she told me my dad was having a rough time, emotionally, that morning and she couldn't leave him. i called yesterday, not because i really gave a shit but because i felt duty bound. today she emailed me how glad she was i called and explained to me that he's been depressed for years and is now taking antidepressants and is going to see if he can have his meds adjusted.

i don't know what do think about this information. the hubs commented that it is interesting how they always thought once they got money (the inheritance from my gma) they would be alright, money would solve all of their problems. it obviously hasn't. in a parallel universe i suppose i'd be the caring daughter and show support/love/concern. i don't feel any of those things. i suppose in that universe i'd also have learned to forgive and forget, but....i haven't. i will play the part of a child in that i will have thanksgiving dinner with them and we will celebrate christmas with them. otherwise....i just don't have a lot of emotion to give them. part of me feels that's wrong, the part of me that realizes they're getting older and will become needier. i just don't think i can excuse everything to get to the point where i care about them anymore.

i am reading book five (there are nine) of the sookie stackhouse books. in case you don't know, these are the books the hbo series true blood is based on. though i've watched true blood and really liked it i never dvred it and so i haven't actually kept up w/ every episode. the tv series does not follow the books to the letter, at least i don't think so. i don't think this is the best writing i've ever read, but i love the storyline. i am hooked.


annabelle said...

LOVE love LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse books. They are crack like in their addictive nature.
I don't watch the show. I've read the entire series - twice.
Great way to escape reality.

cheatymoon said...

My sister calls the Sookie Stackhouse books crack as well. I read the first two, but then got slammed with grad school. I am meandering through Freedom right now. Next summer, I may get back to Sookie...

I loved that last Harry Potter book so much, I can't imagine the movie being terrible. It definitely needed a movie in two parts. Hoping to see it sometime soon.

What's an ib school? :-)

Fragrant Liar said...

My nephew and I went just today to see the new Harry Potter movie. I really liked it, though there were parts in it that dragged. I don't know what happens in the book either, but since there were parts that dragged, I'm thinking they could have made it one movie too.

Love love love Sookie, in books and on TV. And I'm Team Vampire Bill.

Hope the holidays are good for you. I know how hard it may be, but I'll be pulling for a pleasant one for all.

Kristin.... said...

I love the Sookie Books. Crack is an excellent way of describing them.

The HP movie should be slow; the first part of Deathly Hallows is so fricking slow but there is no way they could tell the story in one 2 hour movie. We're taking M to see it over Christmas vacation. She is so excited.

What is an IB school?