Tuesday, November 2, 2010

weird science

a couple of weeks ago the boy's homeroom teacher emailed parents to see if anyone could come in for two afternoons to help w/ science labs. an hour for two days. i could do that.

i should point out that i'm not a consistent volunteer. i've gone on my share of field trips w/ both kids. helped out at a few school parties, sent in supplies when requested, etc. but i don't volunteer for everything. i thought the boy would be excited because even though he's in 5th grade, he hasn't turned away from me yet. by the time the girl was in 5th grade i couldn't get too close to her at school events and she certainly would not come up and hug me or overly acknowledge i was even there. the boy is just the opposite.

turns out i'm not even helping the boy's class. he spends the majority of his day w/ his ag teacher, not his homeroom teacher, the one who requested volunteers. though you would assume science would be an integral part of class each day, it is not this year because they cut the budget and lost their full time science teacher at the end of last year. the kids rotate between teachers for science and my kid is doing social studies now, not science.

yesterday was my first day helping in the class. they were doing weather stations and my station was to observe the effects of wind erosion on sugar cubes. the sugar cubes are hot glued to the back of a shoe box, with the opposite end cut off. i sprinkle sand mixed w/ little rocks and rock salt onto the opening and the kids blow through straws aimed at the mixture.

the boy was in the classroom across the hall and when he came out of his room he saw me through the door window and waved excitedly. i was in the classroom until the end of the day, when they're stacking their chairs and getting ready to leave. the boy comes into his homeroom and comes up and hugs me w/ a big grin on his face. then he says to his classmates, isn't my mom awesome?

it made my day : ) he was also a little excited because i took him home w/ me and he didn't have to ride the bus.


annabelle said...

Awe, sweet.

Mammas and Their Baby Boys. It's a beautiful thing.

Kudos to the good mom who didn't make her boy ride The Cheese Wagon. Bonus points for sure there.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Glad it was a good day!

Sweet T

Hotch Potchery said...

I like science a lot, but I despise 5th graders even more, so KUDOS to you for getting in the mix.

That stinks that they don't have a full time science teacher, I think it is more important that social studies (I may be biased).

My kids, even at their rattiest, asshattiest, still seem pretty happy to see us when we show up somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Like the new background!

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

Cool new background.

I never volunteer. Ever. Gave at the office, and all. Plus my child has an aversion to acknowledging parental units.


Surely said...

Well, his mom is awesome. How sweet is he!?!?!

I would volunteer but with science I would all deer in the headlights. hahahahaha