Friday, November 12, 2010

from one extreme to the other

moss covered roof
old water mill on the blue ridge parkway

yesterday was a good day except for the fact the hubs had to work and didn't get to enjoy any of it w/ us. the kids and i went on a day trip w/ my bro, sil, puddin' and gameboy driving along the blue ridge parkway. we had a picnic at this old water mill. i had more pics to upload but blogger hasn't been cooperating. it was such a relaxing, unplugged day. i won't say we got lost, because we did get back home, but we took a....clark griswald route to get home, winding around back roads...i called it blue ridge vacation. but i love rides like that...seeing the scenery...looking at old houses etc. we had a good time.
last night i went to toy party! lol. omg. i had never been to one of these parties so i had no idea what to expect. i only knew the hostess. it was fun, and interesting...although way too long for a school night party. at 8:45pm the boy calls me on my cell, "uh, where are you?" i told him i was still at the party and wasn't sure when i'd be home. i told them it was a pampered chef party, not that they really even have an idea what that is. i got home around 10:30 w/ some goodies and a catalog. she showed us everything from body scents laced w/ pheromones (or should it be; a variety of lubes; an assortment of potions that, when placed on certain spots (clits) will drive you crazy; dildos (seriously, why would you go for a dildo instead of a vibrator?) and an assortment of vibrators that blew my mind. hundred dollar vibrators. amazing vibrators. seriously, if i were a single woman w/out ready access to a man i'd invest in a few of those numbers. a few of the women asked if the rep ever had couples parties. and, do you know what? it is against the law to have men at those types of parties! no shit. it is considered a form of sexual solicitation. really? the rep told us of a rep who left the company she works for, went to another company, had a couples party and got busted...3 years in jail! for having a couples sex toy party. insane.
this morning when the boy got up he said, "you weren't here when i went to bed last night," in a sad voice. folks, this made me happy and sad. when i was working and traveled a lot my kids got used to me being away from home, out of town for several days at a time. when i'd call from a biz trip they half-assed talked to me, too engrossed in whatever they were doing to really talk. when i'd come home there wasn't a big fanfare or welcome. but, the boy missed me last night. then he started a barrage of questions about where i was. i told him, again, a pampered chef party. what's that? for use in the kitchen...baking stuff. so, he asks, what did you do at this party? we had some snacks and the woman showed us different products and how to use them. he said, in his most sarcastic voice, yeah, that sounds REALLY exciting. ah....little does he know...little does he know ; )

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cheatymoon said...

We had one of those parties for my sisters bridal shower. It was a blast.