Monday, November 1, 2010

after the storm

....and all is right w/ the world. the "storm" blew in as quickly as it blew out. i am feeling much, much better now. i honestly think it might be pre-menopausal hormone fluctuation or something.

regardless--all is well again and we've been busy.

my sweet, sweet baby boy turned 11 on the 28th. still so hard for me to believe how quickly my children are growing up. i want to capture every moment and hide it away. if i could be a time/moment/memory hoarder i'd totally do it. he is my outgoing happy-go-lucky child. he is fierce and sweet and still affectionate. he hugs me in public and loves when i come to his school or class. he is incredibly artistic and talented and smart as a whip. the night after his birthday he had his first sleepover and invited five friends. although they were loud (much louder than girls) they were mostly well-behaved. there was one boy i won't want to come back---he is obnoxious and egotistic and rude and basically an ass. i can't even believe the other kids can stand him.

sunday we went trick or treating in my brother's neighborhood, like we've done for years. halloween is my favorite holiday--the decorations, the dressing up, the candy...i love everything about it. it's a holiday w/out many expectations, which is probably the main reason i love it. the hubs...dear god i'm so lucky to have this guy...knows what a halloween nut i am and is ever on the watch for halloween decorations on sale (he scored big today so we'll have an even cooler yard display next year). he also embraced my desire to dress up this year. i always like dressing up, but don't always do it because i can't come up w/ a fun/cool/creative costume. this year we went as mr and mrs claus! it was awesome : ) the boy went as a werewolf and the girl went as abby from ncis. it was awesome!

now all of the halloween stuff is down and packed away.


cheatymoon said...

Glad the storm blew out of town for you... just in time to hit my neck of the woods this past weekend. Damn.

Glad you had a good holiday. xo

Hotch Potchery said...

I am in the midst of a storm, not with Mr. P, but with my elder, snotty, entitled child that is ever the victim.


We didn't dress up this year, I didn't have the energy, but I loved your costumes!

Surely said...

Too fun! I think I would enjoy Halloween more if we lived in town.

I wonder if the boys tolerate the jerky kid because they know something the adults don't. I remember we'd put up with some kids because we knew they had a total crap homelife. Just a thought. But then some kids are just jerks. (:-D

The Mayor said...

I love Abby from NCIS. What a great character to dress up as.