Thursday, November 18, 2010

a gift i will never want

the holidaze are approaching and with it come the barrage of commercials for all kinds of gifts. this morning on the radio i heard an ad for a gift i never want to receive....laser hair removal.

the person in the commercial talked about how convenient it was to not have to think about your outfit each day based on the amount of hair on your body. hmmmmm. is this REALLY a problem? when did shaving your legs and pits become such an overwhelming task that you not only need to pay someone else to remove it but to do so with lasers? the ad said you could get a treatment for yourself and other treatment to give as a gift for one low price. really? i can't imagine getting that gift certificate. hey ck, i noticed you're pretty hairy, try this laser hair removal. thanks.

i realize that i am probably out of the loop on tons of health and beauty regimens/products/services....hell it's only be a year or three since i got my first pedicure and i'm 42 years old. i don't have my eyebrows waxed, though, i could see the need for that if you were a particularly hirsute person. as i've gotten older i have also come to understand the need for facial waxing in general as i get chin hairs. for now i tweeze them, but, if it gets worse i'm totally going to start having my chin waxed.

still, i can't fathom a time when shaving my legs or armpits would get to be such a chore that it would be easier for me to make an appointment, travel to a spa or wherever you have such things done, wait, spend the time (and money) for the procedure and then drive home. that doesn't sound any easier than lathering up and running a razor down your leg.

am i missing something?


tulpen said...

I've never had a pedicure either, or a facial, or had anything waxed or lasered off.

I shave when I feel like it. I went over a year without shaving AT ALL. Just to see what would happen. For an Italian, I am not hairy at all. And the wind blowing through the hair on your legs? Feels really neat.

Pseudo said...

Since chemo, the air on my legs and in my pits hardly grows. A little perk. My head hair grew back quite nicely though...

I do love a pedicure though. You get to sit in a massage chair. Very relaxing.

Anonymous said...

@ Tulpen: You need to get a pedicure,STAT,it's totally worth the money for a treat every year or so ;)

My mom stopped shaving her legs at 40,and now she has no leghair left.Don't think I'll be that lucky though.

I would have my eyebrows lasered,because seriously,they grow like someone threw fertilizer on them!The other areas,well,they'll just have to stay hairy if I'm too lazy.Except pit hair - there's never an excuse for not shaving there.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I would welcome that as a gift.

If I had the money laying around I would be at the laser hair removal place in a heartbeat. SERIOUSLY. I would absolutely love to be able to do this, and not have to shave my legs EVER again. I hate, hate, hate it. I will probably have my upper lip and chin done next year, if my stupid house ever sells. It may seem frivolous, but my chin is always broken out from me plucking it, and I do that almost daily. Compulsively. The curse of having dark, course hair!

I went for a consultation earlier this year. The place was very nice and professional, I just can't afford it yet.

When I do shave my legs, especially this time of year, it doesn't last half a day without feeling stubbly because I got cold at some point. I guarantee I would wear shorts and skirts more if I didn't have to deal with shaving and all that crap.

Sweet T

cheatymoon said...

If I had the money, I might do it. It never occurred to me one way or another.

Creepy - you do need a pedicure sometime. Next time you come up, we'll do that.