Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy v-day 2010 version

i can't believe it's been 10 days since i've written a blog post. it's weird because so much has happened and yet nothing at all has happened.

*the monday interview went fine. i do not think i will be offered the job and in fact the few details that i have about that particular job make me think i wouldn't want it even if offered it. which is totally ridiculous for someone who hasn't worked since last april to even think let alone say or write. but there it is. there might be some possibility of getting a freelance gig out of it and that would be fine w/ me.

(total non sequitor--today on amc must be gangster movie day. the untouchables just ended and now it's goodfellas, godfather is next. when i was in college i read a lot of mario puzo books and decided i thought it would be so romantic to be a mob guy's girlfriend. yeah, i know. crazy. plus, not much mafia in west virginia. i also took a jewish studies class and thought it would be cool to be jewish. i fell in love with the history and ceremony of the religion, not necessarily all the beliefs. it goes w/out saying that i was quite impressionable in college.)

*monday my sil lost her job. she had seen it coming, not because she's done anything wrong, but because the dentist she has worked for for the last 12 years has apparently lost her mind and let her husband run the "business" of her business. in 12 years she's not had one employee review and the husband cum business manager told her she had too big of a heart, basically. wow.

*the girl spent the week thinking she was going to get a special valentine from a special 8th grader she's been crushing on. i tried to tether her flights of fancy to the ground, explaining that just because a couple of girls said he might send her something did not make it so. i was skeptical and didn't want her to get hurt. when i told the hubs about it he just shook his head. he said regardless of what happened we were screwed, and he was a little right. if she got the valentine that would mean an EIGHTH GRADE BOY liked our baby. if she didn't get one she'd be devastated and pissy all weekend. well, she didn't get the valentine, but she wasn't pissy/moody. she was pissed though, because apparently a girl that has been her friend for years made up the rumor as a joke. really? why are teenage girls such bitches?

*movies--w/ the cold weather, weekends around here have included a lot of movies. here are some i thought i'd share my thoughts on. temple grandin (on hbo) is a true story of...yes, temple grandin. it's an incredible story of a girl who has autism (diagnosed in the 60s) and how she grows up, goes to college, etc. and how she deals w/ life and the things she discovers. awesome movie. the girl, sil and i went to see valentine's day friday night. sooooo many cool actors in that one. we laughed out loud a lot, i sniffled up a few times, and over all--great chick flick. last night, after everyone was asleep, i watched revolutionary road. i loved the fact that kathy bates, leonardo d and kate winslet (all from titanic) were in it. stuff like that is an added bonus for me. anyway, the movie itself was ok but there's a part in the movie where kate (the wife) throws caution into the wind and suggests leo (her hubby) quit his job and they move to paris w/ their two kids and LIVE. not just exist in the suburbs and sameness that is what is expected. after that it is like a weight has lifted from them and it is freeing. that feeling of being, living, not just existing is so captivating.

*valentine's day. i waffle between hating the day and just going w/ the flow. of course we all got each other valentines. the hubs made us all a lovely breakfast this morning and i'm making lasagna (for him, cos the kids won't eat it) for dinner. but, he's been sick since friday night--coughing, congestion, chills. i think it's the flu.

*i have been thinking a lot lately about how little time we have left w/ the girl. i guess i'm focusing on her because she's the oldest and in five years she will be going to college. the physical and mental changes in her this last year are reminiscent of those lightening fast changes they go through as babies. one minute they can barely hold their head up and the next thing you know they're walking. entering the teenage years is a lot like that. one day they're flat chested then you're buying them b-cup bras. i look at her and think, omg, in five years she will be in college and it will be me and the hubs and the boy. i love my baby boy, but it will be a different family dynamic in 5 years. how can that be? i need more time.

whew--a lot of randomness here, but i needed to spill my brain a bit. it was getting full. happy valentine's day : ) oxoxoxo


broad minded said...

so sorry about the sil! at least she is in a field that is doing somewhat okay these days, at least from what i have heard.

glad you liked the movie, hate i couldn't go.

Not Your Aunt B said...

That sucks about your SIL. I personally hate working at clinics where the spouse/SO/family member is an employee or runs the business end. It doesn't make for good business. Hopefully she can find another dentist or medical office to work for that is better.

I hear you on the babies growing up. It just makes me want to bottle them up. You blink your eye and poof! they are bigger, older, more mature. WAAA!

Hope you have a good Valentine's. We're low key this year due to the economy. Our presents to each other was paying down more debt. Tres romantic!

Gal Friday said...

Missed your writing around "here" for the last ten days. sorry to hear about your daughter and the mean girl(hope it doesn't escalate into Mean girls with a capital "M") and I know that feeling about feeling like in a short while we are going to lose our kid(mine turns fifteen on May 1st)

Not many mafia types in W. V.?? Not many Jewish people in W.V., either, I bet! :-)

I was always hesitant to see "Revolutionary Road" because of the downer effect(heard it was heavy), but what you just wrote makes me want to see it now. And...we don't have HBO anymore, so I'll have to see that Temple Grandin movie(read her books) on DVD at some point.

cheatymoon said...

Lots of random. Isn't it amazing how the teen's mood can color your weekend...

Penny said...

When I was pregnant with Eli I really wanted a girl, but when I read about the tween/teen drama of girls and how horrible they are to each other I'm sort of relieved to have a boy.

The job market is just awful and something I stress over EVERY DAY. I'm sorry you are still going through this, it is awful.

drollgirl said...

mario puzo books! ha. i must have been an impressionable kid, too, after reading gangster novels and seeing all those gangster movies. they made me want to hook up and/or marry a gangster. sure! what a great idea! watching the sopranos kind of started it all again. ridiculous! it would never work for me, but i get caught up in fantasy and fiction REAL FAST.

i hope you enjoy the next 5 years with your daughter. before she heads off for college. so many big changes happen in that time, and the struggle for independence gets stronger and stronger. i am sure it will be an interesting time for you. but she will always be your girl. always. whether at home or away. and i know she must be crazy for her family and that she will always make time for you guys. :)