Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'm just waiting on a friend

actually, i'm waiting for spring. and a job. i hate waiting. i'm really not good at it.

it's hard not to feel like your life is on hold when you are unemployed. they days meld into one another, most are just like the one before. cleaning, vacuuming, job hunting online, a trip to the grocery store.

people w/ jobs envy all the "free time" i have, the stress less life. mmmm, try stressing out about money.

once i have the house cleaned and have applied for any job that i think i might possibly be qualified for i bounce between the computer, reading or puzzle working. i like these things, but feel i should be accomplishing something bigger.

my sister called me yesterday morning to ask how long one has to clean their ears after getting their ears pierced. apparently my niece got hers pierced last week. i could tell by the tone and her conversation that she really wanted me to invite her over to hang out w/ us. when she called i had no idea what our plans for the day were (other than the boy's karate class). had it been my bro or sil i would immediately figured out what we were doing so it could include getting together w/ them. w/ my sister? not so much. i little part of me felt bad for not saying, hey, why don't you come over and hang out for awhile. but then we got caught up in our day and the next thing i knew it was 10pm. we went to karate, ran a couple of errands (we're looking for a new computer chair because ours is elebenty billion years old and becoming unsafe), had a late lunch of yummy mexican food, napped and the girl killed us, once again, in monopoly.

we have been invited to dinner at my parent's house today. the first question my kids always ask is if we'll be the only one's there. i'm assuming yes because my mom didn't mention anyone else. she's informed me we'll be having some form of take out because her house is still not back in order. they've had floors/carpeting redone and haven't put the house back together yet. she wants me to come and see all the updates so then i can get decorating ideas and go out shopping w/ her. this amuses me because my sister has asked for my decorating advice before too. really? i have no style. i have no decorating knowledge. i just do what i like. so bizarre.


Antoinette Meaterson said...

I know of someone that broke their computer chair having sex in it...that wasn't you was it?

cheatymoon said...

LOL at the computer chair comment.

We have family drama this weekend. Really?

Astarte said...

Ugh - how weird. If she wanted to be with you, uh, invite you over. Don't wait to be invited over. In fact, it's probably the very part of your personality that makes you call and fish for an invite that makes people not want to invite you over!

Gal Friday said...

My sister does that, too..and I also feel bad that I can't quite want to immediately invite her over(same thing--if it were my brother, I wouldn't hesitate)

You describe that "in limbo" feeling very well. Sorry it's where you are still at..all these months later.

Gal Friday said...

Hope you don't mind too much, but you have been "tagged" me! ;-)

Penny said...

I used to get so angry when people would tell me I should just use my job searching time to "just relax" and they would say stupid shit like "oh it would be so nice to have a couple months off" UM YEAH if I was independently wealthy SURE but having anxiety attacks about money every day isn't my idea of "relaxing!"