Friday, February 26, 2010

he's got swagger

i had a v-8 moment last night. an epiphany. that split second when something i've known unconsciously for years finally came barreling in to the front of my conscious. the hubs gets cocky after sex. i'll wait while those of you who know him quit laughing. GET cocky? um...yes, he is always cocky. oh, but wait. after sex he is like tarzan cocky. he is much more full of his witty (at least in his mind) comments. he has a gleam in his eye.

last night i mentioned this to him.

me: you are cocky after you get laid.

him: you mean w/ you or just in general. (then he laughs at his own joke)

me: see, see what i mean. you get laid and then you are all full of yourself for a day or two.

him: it's an age thing. i didn't always do that.

me: because you're getting old?

him: no because you're getting older and you don't give it up as often. in the old days i'd get it today and possibly tomorrow too. now you need more recovery time.

at this point i had my second epiphany of the night. our sex life has decreased over the last several months. do you know why? because the boy is taking karate. just about every week night (and i'm not exaggerating) the hubs takes the boy to karate. then he goes again on saturday around noon. these were prime sex times. we'd come home from a rough day of work and have a quickie before dinner or while dinner was cooking. or we'd have "dessert." karate has taken it's place.

him: it sucks when your kids interfere w/ your sex life.

does anyone swagger at your house?


Gal Friday said...

Being 47 going on 48 and sometimes in bed by 9:30 is interfering in my sex life.

Swagger is a good word.

cheatymoon said...

Other half is going on 50 and he thinks he's a teenager. It's funny. I tell him he's like a puppy. Swagger? I dunno...
Funny post, ck.

And Tina -- you don't look anywhere near your age. It's amazing.

drollgirl said...

ha! the man gets cocky after sex! i think that might be typical. the after sex swagger is pretty funny. but if both parties are happy with experience, it is all good. and it kind of reminds me of that sex scene in basic instinct when michael douglas thinks he is ALL THAT after sex. ahahahhaa

Not Your Aunt B said...

I think it's a guy thing. I remember it being WORSE when he was younger. Now we either fall asleep or are off to corral the kids so there's not much swagger.

Surely said...



His brother will sometimes say (with me present) "You got laid again didn't you?" UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH