Tuesday, September 5, 2006


1. In reference to TL's comment that I might become a Bridezilla for the 20th anniversary party I can safely assure you all that will not happen. Though some would disagree (namely the Hubby) I'm pretty low maintenance. In six years I'll probably decide to forgo spending the money on the event and just have a blow out party.

2. We have not capitulated (that's a cool word) on the TVs in the room. I did however cave into the Hubby's desire to upgrade from the $7.95 cable we've had for more than a year to satellite TV. Personally I don't need all those channels but I have discovered that DVRs are quite handy and very very cool. The new setup hasn't really changed the Boy's viewing habits, but the Girl is in hog heaven watching Discovery Health and Animal Planet. I am getting a bit concerned though because she's REALLY into all the surgeries, operations, etc. and this weekend watched a documentary on The Black Plague. Is that weird?

3. A few weeks ago I noticed a suspicious mole on the Hubby's back so I sent him to the dermatologist. The dr. immediately said it was skin cancer and removed it. I was a bit surprised because I really just sent him to the doctor as a precaution, but I think it sort of freaked us both out that he had cancer, albeit skin cancer.

4. Remember at the beginning of this year I said it was going to be our year? Well, I think all in all it really has been. The Hubby and I were talking this weekend and he said he thought it came down to our attitude about everything. Basically we thought positively and it's been positive. That's not to say bad things haven't happened, but overall lots of good things have too. Last week we found out the Hubby's job is secure, which was a relief. Since May it's been in question and not knowing was a pain in the ass and stressful. He will remain with the company but in a different position with a bit more money. Tonight he has his first out of town trip, and while they won't be anything like mine, the shoe is on the other foot for a change.

5. I got a video camera for my bday (and no, I will not be posting home-made porn here! LOL) and have started taping the kids again. Sadly the last thing I had of them on tape was about 3-4 years ago when we moved into the house.

6. In a previous post I mentioned the Hubby has a few Anne Coulter books. I do have to say in his defense I think he's swinging to the other side. In a recent discussion (brought about by West Wing) it has come out that the Hubby is not nearly so enamored with Mr. Bush as he might once have been. I would not go so far as to say he's abandoned his republican views, but he's certainly moved to a more center-of-the-road veering toward the left lane thought process.

7. The 7th and last season of West Wing will not be available on DVD until November so we've started watching the whole series again. We're back to season one. Some have remarked that we're a tad bit obsessive with this, but mark my words, I think there might be a novel that emerges from this in years to come. You'd be amazed at the ideas that spring forth from our discussions.

8. Today is the kids' first day at a new after school program. I hope this new environment will curb the Boy from coming home talking about pimps and saying What up dawg.

9. Are plastic or paper bags really that expensive? I ask this because I like shopping at Costco but I don't like not having my groceries put in a bag.

10. The Crocodile Hunter is dead. It is sad because he was so young (44) and he had a wife and at least one kid that I know of, but honestly, is anyone surprised? I'm frankly surprised that he hadn't been maimed, mauled, poisoned, eaten before now.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how the way things are framed on TV...when all the stations were talking about the "tragedy" of the Croc Hunter's death the people at work started picking up that phrase. I "argued" that it wasn't tragic that an untaimed animal killed him, it was just ironic that it was one that's featured in the petting section of aquariums.

The fame and fortune he craved was created from the risks he took and those who choose to put themselves at risk for the entertainment of others (and the money they'll make from it) are also choosing to live/die by the consequences.

Don't audiences hope/fear that the tightrope walker is gonna fall and isn't that why they watch?

creative kerfuffle said...

I agree. It was sad to me because of his age and that he has two small kids, but c'mon, it's not like at some point he wasn't going to get eaten or poisoned or something.

It's like hockey or car races, the fun part is when the hockey players fight and there's blood or when the cars crash. Sick, but true.