Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My own Fiddlers Green

First---Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ahoy ; P

Thanks to my good friend T-Bone for that fun link!

Studio 60 premiered last night. I of course was waiting patiently for this show because the creators of West Wing were involved and so was Josh Lyman, I mean Bradley Whitford : ) If you didn't catch it you should. The show is the behind the scenes world of a sketch comedy show (coincidence that it's like SNL? I think not) that's been on air forever and has basically lost its mojo so they call in Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. (Ok, I had to follow that episode with a West Wing episode, I think I have a problem.)

Yesterday I read that U.S. spinach is contaminated with E.coli and they're taking it off the shelves. I told the Hubby this last night. His first response was, 'See, I told you spinach was bad for you.'

Then he freaked me out.

Him: You know, this could be a terrorist plot.
Me: LOL, yeah ok honey.
Him: Seriously, ALL of the U.S. spinach could be contaminated? What are the odds?
Me: Well, I'm sure the distributors all buy from the same farms.
Him: Ok, what there's only one huge spinach farm in the U.S. and all the companies buy from it? No, I don't think so. I think terrorists spread the E.coli on the spinach crops.
Me: Hmm, well, ok it's plausible but (and not to lessen the issue) only about 100 + people have gotten sick and one died. If you were a terrorist wouldn't you target something more wide spread, like say beef?
Him: Who's to say they haven't?

And with that he went out of town today. Yep, thanks a freakin' lot. I'll be paranoid about the food and watching the news for further E. coli outbreaks.


Oh oh--I have to tell this joke in celebration of today.
Why couldn't the pirate get into the movie?
Because it was rated....wait for it....ARG!

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