Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boy Bands and their offspring

Admittedly I'm not a music guru and don't really have a firm handle on which guys were in which boy band.

Back in the day the 'boy bands' I listened to (the day being high school/college) were Duran Duran, Men at Work and U2. They didn't call them boy bands though. I guess New Kids on the Block were around too but I never really got into them.

Last night (the Hubby's first night out of town) I had trouble falling asleep so I was channel surfing. I stopped on Jay Leno. I don't really like Jay, never have, prefer Dave Letterman, and in fact one of my sisters-in-law could totally be his twin, I'm not kidding, she has his chin and everything. Anyway, Justin Timberlake was on Jay. A few nights ago I caught him on another late night show, possibly Dave, singing this sexy, funky song with someone named Timberland. The beat caught me. So I suffered through his interview to hear him sing that song again. I don't know the name and didn't catch every word, but the song is HOT.

I don't know much about Justin but from the interview I found out he was in a boy band and has done a few movies. Really? Hmmm. I've only heard about him as someone's boyfriend. Now he's dating Cameron Diaz, and though I'm not a big Cameron fan I have enjoyed some of her movies. But damn, isn't she like 20 years older than him? The boy looks to be about 20. But DAMN, he can totally shake his grove thang when he's singing. I might have to buy that CD just for that one song!

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