Tuesday, April 5, 2011


what's better than roses on a piano? tulips on an organ.

yes, i know it's a horrible joke

the kids' spring break last week kicked off w/ snow (which quickly melted). the week also brought rain, gray skies and chilly weather. we had a day of sun and then a beautiful, albeit windy, weekend. yesterday was another gorgeous day and after our weekend of yard work i had to say it looks really good. last night a storm from hell. while i do love me some thunder storms, i don't love wind and tornado warnings. we're supposed to have frost this weekend so i thought i should take a pic of the tulips before they're gone. i have green buds all over the place, but the tulips are the only blooms so far. i really do love spring, just wish it would warm up a tad.


Unknown said...

Big smiles...i love that joke

How are you?

Anonymous said...

Spring is too abrupt for me. I don't like it. And I hate tornado warnings. Eeek.


They Mayor said...

Spring is always just so darned short. In Michigan it came way too late, in Texas it's come way too early and I'm dreading the really hot weather.

Can't seem to win.

Anonymous said...

I loooovvveee this joke! never heard it and am cracking up!! soooo funny...hahahahahaha
Love Spring!