Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i got the scoop

remember when i told you i was intrigued by the girl's soccer coach and his wife and their family dynamic? (he's around my age, she's in her 20s and they have a daughter (who looks Hawaiian) who's the girl's age, a boy my boy's age, another daughter who is bi-racial and a two year old boy).

well, today i got the scoop. i'm sitting at the girl's soccer practice half watching and half reading riding on the bus with my sister (which is pretty good). the coach's wife plops down beside me and asks me if i'm reading that book about the retard. i said, well, this is the story of a sisters and one of them is mentally handicapped. she said she likes watching tv shows about retards because they're funny. OMG. then she asks me if i like retards or something.

the conversation turns to her being in sports in high school and then i nonchalantly ask when she and the coach met. she proceeds to tell me that he was married before (the mother of the oldest two kids) and the woman was a nut job. abused him, the kids and eventually killed herself. i was shocked. i said that's horrible, how old was the girl when this happened? she said, oh, it was long enough ago for her to be over it, she was about six! ok, first of all i don't think you ever get over the fact that a parent committed suicide, but secondly, that was only 8 or 9 yrs ago. sheesh! then she tells me she was on a softball scholarship to college and got knocked up with the third kid in the family (the bi-racial girl) and then about 8 years ago she and the coach met and started knocking boots (her words not mine) and the two year old is theirs together.

i can't decide if this girl is just immature and says the things she does or if she's actually that much of a prejudicial redneck to think the things she does.


Unknown said...


kinda makes you wanna scrub your brain clean, doesn't it?

cheatymoon said...

ditto...scrubbing brain...

Hotch Potchery said...

I get a kid pretending to smoke a cigarette, and you got that?????

Wow. What a nutball.

Gal Friday said...

A "reality show" that is all too REAL!

Anonymous said...

I want to "like" Karon's comment. :)

I have more respect for people with mental and physical handicaps than I would for this woman.

Another clue to the less. I can't believe some people who just spout off their ignorant opinions to anybody, and assume they will agree with them.

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

My eyes are as big as saucers and my mouth is hanging open... and I'm thanking my lucky stars I have not run into such an idiot. Poor coach! Poor kids... poor you for having to have sat next to her. I also "like" Karen's comment. She probably wants to make sure you like retards so that you like her...oh wait, a "retard" as she puts it wouldn't behave like an idiot!!!! Double ugh!!!