Monday, March 28, 2011

things that make you go hmmm....'s the kids' first day of spring break and we woke up to snow. it has been snowing now for a little more than an hour. the ground isn't covered yet, but i'm wondering just how much of this white stuff we're supposed to get. ......i just finished the girl w/ the dragon tattoo last night, not realizing that this is a trilogy and not realizing that the author died about six years ago. .......we went to my parents' house yesterday for dinner. don't ask my why. i honestly have no idea why i said yes when she asked me. anyway...while we're there she asks the girl if there are any movies out there that she'd like to see (the day before the girl asked me if we could see rango this week while they're on spring break). the girl said no, not really, nothing out there interests her right now. my mom then said, well, would you like to go bowling or skating or out to lunch or something this week....the girl said, i have a book to read for school this week. omg. it is true that's she's reading a tale of two cities, but she basically told my mom she has to wash her hair and it's going to take all week. i wonder if my mom got the hint? ......i realize that my mom comes to some of the girl's soccer games and recently has invited us to dinner, but we have to keep in mind that in the last 14 years this is probably the most repeated attention the parental units have shown my kids (and really this is more directed at the girl than the boy). i think my mom thinks if she comes to soccer games that makes up for 14 years of neglect.


Anonymous said...

That had to have been hard on the girl. I wish things were better for you all right now.

Unknown said...

Awkward much? Damn. Sorry y'all had to endure that.

Can't bring myself to read book 3.
The first didn't really knock my socks off. Lisbeth was the only reason I invested the time. The second features her more. I don't know that I can trudge through one more.

cheatymoon said...

Yeah, that's awkward. Your poor girl. I hope you all have a happy spring break.

Fragrant Liar said...

Youch! You're right, it doesn't make up for the neglect, but perhaps it's a start?