Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sometimes i just shake my head

i've written a few posts bitching and moaning about life and just haven't published them because really, i'm pretty sure you're tired of hearing me whine. i know i'm tired of it.

instead i will be all snarky and talk about the wife of the girl's soccer coach. i think i've mentioned her before. i'm intrigued by their family dynamic--the difference in ages between the husband and wife; the varying ages/ethnicity of the kids; etc.

the wife is in her 20s and the husband is around my age (i'm guessing) which is early 40s. a week or so ago we pulled into the parking lot for one of the girl's indoor soccer games. the coach's truck looked like it might have been on an episode of punk my ride or something. the back window was decal laden with scroll work and each family member's name listed. the hubs and i just looked at each other thinking, yep, the wife had that done.

this week at practice the wife was talking about listening to a band over the weekend and how they played oldies music. i couldn't resist so i asked her....and what is oldies music to you? to be fair she said neil diamond. then she showed me her new goes across her shoulder is the scroll work from the truck window and the family names. (yes, she also had a tramp stamp)

their eldest daughter (and the one the girl plays soccer with) is in the girl's grade and they are going on a trip to dc next week. last week they got their room assignments. the coach's wife said her kid was happy w/ her assignment but that another friend wasn't going because the girl she had to room w/ is one that apparently nobody likes. this woman then began to talk smack about the kid that nobody likes....saying she stinks and she's weird and she always "hits" on her. i was stunned. completely stunned. don't get me wrong, there are kids my kids go to school w/ that i don't like, but....i don't go around talking about them like i'm in middle school. that is exactly what this mom was doing. i know my mouth was hanging open...but before i could think of something to say she saw something shiny and walked off. (ok, she went after a soccer ball, but still, you get the point.)

i think she's probably closer in age to the girls on the team than to her husband. i always wonder about couples like that because while i'm sure (as the hubs says is almost always true in these cases) sex is the big draw at this stage of the game.....what the hell are they going to do in 20 years? or 30 years?


Anonymous said...

She could use a class with Miss Manners. Holy crap, what a clueless twit.


tulpen said...

She saw something shiny... hehehehe...

She sounds annoying as Hell and I imagine I'd be rude to her if I had the misfortune of spending any time with her.

cheatymoon said...


(Hey sis!)

The Mayor said...

Finally, there is a silver lining to my girls not wanting to play soccer any longer. I am the worst chit chatter and found situations like these so painful.
Some mothers still act like gossiping teenagers...oh wait, coaches wife is just barely not a teenager.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how different the male brain is to that of us women.Most men (not all,but most) tend to not think of consequences.Any consequences.They are very much into 'pleasure now,thinking/worrying later'.And by the time they start to really think about their decisions,it's usually too late.