Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i have a great simile

or maybe it's a metaphor...it is just after 4 am so i really don't know and don't care.

being unemployed is like facing the zombie apocolypse.

the hubs and i recently watched the first season of amc's the walking dead. it's a zombie series based on "graphic novels" (comic books). ok, before you start laughing and looking down your nose...it's really fucking good. i'm kinda pissed i don't know when the next season starts. hell, i don't even know if the graphic novels for the next season have been written. this is the type of zombie show that is perfect for people who don't really like zombies in that they are not all stereotypically walking around screaming brains. it is not a horror show, per se.

being unemployed has had it's ups and downs....kinda like if the world were infected with zombies and lots of people died off and society as we know it collapsed. the day to day pressures are gone---appointments, jobs, etc. but the whole survival thing is a bitch. you have minor accomplisments--an interview/slaying a pack of "walkers"before they eat you; some freelance work/finding other humans and setting up camp with them; seeing light at the end of the tunnel; thinking maybe it's just this one location that's been affected by the mutant zombie fever.

at some point--like maybe when someone in your camp gets bitten and turns into a zombie--or you are literally weeks (as in less than six) away from the end--hope fucking flies out the window.


cheatymoon said...

Hang in there. Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

wow! this could not be described better, only proof of what a great writer you are.

Anonymous said...

everyones leaves random comments
even i do that on random websites

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Anonymous said...

that really cool what you've written