Thursday, March 17, 2011

alles klar herr kommissar

well, mostly. i do have a tiny cyst behind the left nip, but they say cysts are common in breasticles. just because there is something in there i will have to go back in 6 months to make sure it's not growing or anything. whew!

we talked to the kids this weekend about how dire the straits are. we didn't go into great detail but we did tell them there is a possibility that we'll have to move. as in give up the house and tote our asses to ok to mooch off of the fil for awhile. lord knows this isn't what we want to do, but it would be the most practical thing to do if it comes to that. the boy's first thought was--omg if we move i won't get my black belt in the fall. he's 11 so i can understand his point of view. that is his world. this big picture shit doesn't really compute in his head. the girl's first thought was--omg i'll have to leave everything i've ever known. i think she is more worried about it than the boy.

isn't it ironic? one of the freelance gigs i just picked up is to write an article about the botanical gardens i so desperately wanted to work for. in fact? tomorrow morning i'm interviewing the person who got the exact job i wanted. nice.

freelancing truly is a feast or famine gig. well, i can't say FEAST because it's not, but i either have no work or several projects at the same time. this week i have four things going, all with deadlines over the next few days. while the extra money is certainly needed, it's not a ton of money and two of the jobs are for a company that takes forfuckingever to pay.

i finally watched the movie eat, pray, love. i think i loved it almost as much as i loved the book. i know the movie didn't get stellar reviews and when i posted about it on fb some said they didn't like it and one even hated it. i think the story hit me at the right time---it's all about internal conflict and life changes, and that's exactly where i am right now. and, while i like julia, her top lip is really distracting, it seems to have grown. james franco has begun to creep me out a bit. javier bardem, on the other hand, omg....steamy.


Hotch Potchery said...

I'm so sorry things have come to this---I read a thing online about Amazon Marketplace that there are freelance writing type jobs there---I think they are low paying, but you likely could churn a ton out!

cheatymoon said...

Ackkkk. The job thing is killing me on your behalf. Ack. Ack.

I found that book quite satisfying. The movie, less so, but it didn't suck. I think I'd like to see it again too...

Anonymous said...

James Franco is creepy to me, too. But I do want to see 127 Hours, or whatever the name of that movie is.

Again, I wish I had some job/life advice for you, but I really don't. I have kept you in my prayers. :)

Glad the doc appointments went well!

Sweet T

PS: word veri is fibetati. Sounds like a breasticle lump. :)